Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Frustrated... And a Bit Cold

I'm pretty frustrated guys. I found out that I have been paying the gas bill for the entire unit. I live in an adorable house from the 50's, it has a downstairs apartment too. I live upstairs. It's awesome. It recently went for sale and so we had a lot of people walk through to inspect it. A lot of people asked me if I was aware that there was only one gas meter, and if I was paying the gas bill, I was paying for them too. I was pretty upset. I tried calling my rental management company on the matter, but no one got back to me!
Finally today, my apartment manager called. She said the entire gas bill is in MY lease. I told her I didn't know that, and she said my roommate did, and signed her name, and when she moved out, everything got put into my name... so I'm basically paying for the downstairs neighbors to have hot showers.
And, there is nothing that can be done. The owner knew about it, and figured giving me lower rent would do the trick. But the heating bill last winter was over 200.00 a month! Which was fine when I was splitting with roommates..
I JUST signed a new lease with these guys and I don't want to move, and Im stuck in a contract. I'm pretty upset. I've had a lot of advice on facebook already, and I might report it all to the housing authority. I'm planning on keeping the thermostat to low, and using thermal curtains. I've got heating pads and heated blankets for the pups and I'll wear socks and drink hot cocoa.

I guess what I'm shooting for now, is either low heating bills this winter, OR my rental agency putting new insulation my attic.
I'm also pretty open to a new house if it's perfect. I've been looking into some Artist Housing. Basically low rent, with studio space, if you can prove you are an artist.

But, this whole thing has been so upsetting. I barely slept last night. I've been so upset over this. I don't know if it's the pride factor, or the money. But I'm pissed.

I've tried processing this with Sterling, my mom, my rental agency, and now the blog. I seriously can't shake the upset that I'm feeling.

Anyone have any tips on keeping a house warm through the winter? I've got thermal curtains, heated blankets, warm socks, and lots of hot cocoa.

But, like yesterday's post... I'm sure I'll come out on top.

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  1. Making a few bean filled draft stoppers for your main doorways and getting the plastic window shrink that will seal in whatever heat you do have will drastically help you guys stay warm (I live in a house from 1938 so it is soooo cold in the winter). What is nice is that whatever heat downstairs uses will rise up to you so sealing your windows and drafty doorways will really help keep everything nice and toasty during the colder days!

  2. If the heating is "zoned" close off the valve for the basement "zone".

  3. Oh! That's a good idea! I want to try the plastic window stuff... I wonder if Sterling knows how....

  4. How do I do that?? I think they just have vents that it goes through..

  5. That really sucks! We split our heating 50/50 with the people downstairs. Heating in the winter averages around 150 so we only have to pay 75 each. During the summer it kind of sucks because the only gas other than the heat is the people downstairs dryer and stove. But it's like 50 bucks a month tops, so I don't mind paying 25, if it means they will split with us in the winter. It also gets really warm really fast downstairs, while it gets really cold upstairs, so they close their vents when it gets too warm, to re-direct warm air up here. I suggest opening curtains during the day on the side of the house that gets the most light. Our bedroom is always really warm at night, while the rest of the house is chilly because it gets direct sunlight almost the entire day, and I just leave the blinds open.

  6. Growing up, we literally just stapled big sheets of plastic to the inside window sill. lol. True story. And, it helped!
    Also, if you don't use one room as often (like, the kitchen), hanging a big blanket in that doorway (or, you know, shutting the door if you have one) will keep the heat in the main area. We had a power outage during an ice storm once and blocked off our foyer and stair well this way, keeping all the heat in the living area. Twas toasty.

  7. You could get some special space heaters that won't make your electric bill sky rocket, I'm pretty sure they're around somewhere. I know theres something you can put around the windows and doors to keep the cold in. So far with the heating blankets and thermal curtains you're on the right track! I'll try and search some things up for you so you can stay warm without having to pay a ton for heat this winter!

  8. I remember doing this growing up as well in summer and in the winter! We had radiator heat so blocking off rooms REALLY helped keep the heat in those areas. I am sure it would work with forced air/central air as well especially with the help of a space heater! You can warm things up and then shut it off and keep the warmth in this way.

  9. that is so stupid and totally ridiculious!!!!! i would probably keep harassing the housing authority.

  10. You will come out on top, but I would for sure call housing authority. This is a serious and potentially illegal act.


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