Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thursday Threads - Love Of Fall

it's gotten real cold out. real fast. and it's the perfect time for big ol sweaters, thick socks and warm drinks.
and oh my gosh! guys. you are the best. i got some real good tips for keeping warm this winter.
i thought hard about actually MOVING into another house... but i got the feeling, now is not the time. instead of focusing on a new house, i'm focusing on saving up for a truck.
i currently drive a two door chevy. if i decided to up and move to New York, (that was my plan yesterday....) i would have no way to get my stuff there! so, i've shifted my focus onto buying a truck. i've always wanted one.

so, it looks like i'll be in this house another winter. and thanks to you guys i am feeling pretty prepared. i've got some space heaters, and Sterling is going to hep me put up plastic window coverings. it will be a cold winter, but we like to snuggle.

speaking of cold winters and sweaters, i recently got this sweater dress, and i'm in love.
check out that huge cowl neck, and the heart pockets!

Sweater Dress - Miia
Socks - Gift
Boots - Steve Madden

we took these photos last week when Sterling and i went to the gem fair. we went and saw his sister's new house, ate some sandwiches, and explored the city and some cemeteries.
i think if I WERE to move, it would be down here close to the bigger city.
but, we will see.. everything inside me is telling me to wait out the winter and get a truck.
will do.

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  1. Cutest outfit ever! Love it! Sorry about your heater situation. I might have the same problem this winter too :( I wanted to up and move to Chicago once, even bought a plane ticket. I used to be bad about up and going , leaving all my things behind and living out of a suitcase. New York is one place I'd love to visit!

  2. I dream of having another truck. <3 We had a Dodge Ram 1500, and I loved that baby. Though I did love our Jetta TDI, too!!! Actually, I'm just dreaming of a new truck or car, period. I'd love to have our own transporation again! :D

    This outfit is ahmazing!!!


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