Friday, October 11, 2013

A Rachael Debacle

I had a pretty funny day yesterday.. 
Sterling and I are being a pretty epic Halloween Couple this year... 
and doing our costumes as much hand made as possible. 
We found him the perfect jacket for his costume.
The only problem, it was way too dark! 

The poor jacket was a vintage dry clean only jacket..
and we found it at the thrift store for pretty cheap.
So, we figured we would give bleaching it and dying it a go. 

Oh man.
Bad idea.

First of all, I did NOT use a well ventilated area and ended up getting pretty sick from the bleach.
And so did the jacket... 
After bleaching it, I tried to dye it.
There were some areas that wouldn't bleach.. so we figured, maybe that would work. 

Well, let's just say.. I started this project around noon.
And finished it around midnight, in tears, in the bathtub.

Good thing Sterling took photos, because now I can laugh at myself. 
And I was half laughing half crying.. you know how that goes.

I spent so much time on that jacket trying to make it perfect for Sterling...
but in the end, the poor things was just shredded. The fabric didn't hold the dye,
and the fabric was barely fabric at all after this entire process. 
Just touching it caused it to fall apart.

I was devastated. I spent all day on this!  
I also spent all day dyeing MY pants, which didn't take either.

I DID cry. 
Mostly cause that jacket looked SO good on Sterling.
And I felt like a failure.

Sterling has this thing he calls a "Rachael Debacle."
I guess I get myself into some pretty big messes and bite of more than I can chew. 
I just have crazy tunnel vision, and don't like to wait for help.
Well, yesterday was a Rachael Disaster... not a debacle. 
Nothing I did turned out.

So, today... I'm starting over, and spending time in the sewing room...
Sewing new pants for me.

And I still have to find a new jacket for Sterling.

But, I DID figure out how I would do my makeup.

Wish me luck today... I'll be sewing.. 
And I just can't get any sewing done without swearing at the machine, throwing something and storming away....  

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  1. Good lukc Miss Rachael, you can do it! Sending all the good vibes your way for today!

  2. I was going to say what Fayme said...ZOMBIE COSTUME!! It would be absolutely perfect for that.

  3. Oh man I think I know what you're gonna be!!!! Oh man.....I hope I'm right....


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