Monday, October 14, 2013

Peace In The Now

today i woke up feeling sick. i slept in, then moved to the couch and napped there some more. i have had a pounding headache, stomach nausea, cramps and heart burn. the house is quiet and actually peaceful for the first time today. the fighting neighbors downstairs have left for a bit, and Nubis is no longer running around the house on a random cat rampage.

i've already decided i won't be changing out of my pajamas. i might not even shower or do my hair. this is a pretty rare thing for me, since i normally get dressed up even if there is no where to go. i guess i'm trying to take today slowly. listen to my body and not rush things. i'm a weird girl, and when I feel there is something that needs to get done i'll do it no matter what. i'll jam pack my days with many things and won't feel accomplished unless everything is done.

Sterling and i were talking about our weekends. he likes to sit around and do nothing. it makes them last longer. he gets to relax. i like my weekends full of project after project. i'll be doing two projects at once, and overwhelm myself. if i sit around all weekend, i feel like i wasted that time. i'm glad Sterling and i discuss our weekend plans before they start so neither of us are disappointed and there is never any conflict.

I can still enjoy my weekends the way I like, and he can enjoy his weekends the way he likes. and we've found ways to do them together. Busy bee me working in one corner of the room while he relaxes as plays the guitar.

and of course we love to go out and explore.
these photos here were taken back in September. i recently collaborated with Glassworks to style this shirt in a way that i would like.  i'm normally not a fan of see through clothes like this, but i actually liked this. I decided to pair this small, cropped shirt with an oversized cardigan and a maxi skirt.

we also decided to style this almost goth looking outfit in a beautiful and peaceful field. normally i would say that this kind of style should be "street fashion" but the look of this in the middle of no where gives it almost a "witchy" feel. and i'm in love.

i'm in love with the changing of the seasons. you can see it in the tree tops, and you can see it on the ground. you can smell it in the air, and feel it in the wind. i'm excited for this fall, and i hope it never ends... but i know in a few short weeks we will have snow to shovel, windows to defrost and a house to try to keep warm. i'm still hoping to find another house with a better system of heating. i'm hoping to find a house that will allow me and my 3 pets. i could get into my hopes and fears, but i won't.
i won't take away from the peace of the now.

because one thing i have learned, is that worrying doesn't do anything good. worrying only takes away the peace and beauty from the moment you are in. instead, i put my faith in the future, that things will work out exactly how they need to. and i know in the end i will be happy and at peace. 

"Enlightenment is understanding that there is nowhere to go, nothing to do, 
except exactly who you are being right now."
 - Neale Donald Walsch 

this is quite the concept for a busy bee like me to grasp. Maybe i don't need to get everything done on my to-do list today. maybe it's okay to sit ad snuggle my pups. maybe it's ok to be sick and ask Sterling to make me some tea. i'll let you know how that goes.

be sure to check out glassworks and the fabulous shirt i was able to style! 

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