Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Giveaway With Romwe! Enter to win $30 gift card! 2 winners!

If you have been a long time reader of this blog, you've probably noticed the weekly outfit posts are rather new. Like within the last year or two... (Like I could have gotten my ex to take my pictures!) I used to not like outfit posts.. I thought they would make me conceited, and a little narcissistic. But, I also like the way I dress, and I can often find amazing deals at thrift stores so I like to show them off. This last year has been great for outfit posts because Sterling is a photographer and we've been able to take some fantastic photos. Because of this our photos have been on covers, websites and even some foreign fashion apps!

Much more than I anticipated when I first stepped in from of a camera all shy like.. But now I realize that the way someone dresses is very important. If you dress well, you feel well. Yesterday I spent the better part of the day in bright purple sweat pants and a big oversized sweatshirt. Comfortable, but every time I passed the mirror, I felt terrible about myself. So, I willed myself to put on some comfy but cute long socks, some cute shorts, and a matching shirt. I was still comfortable, but I felt cuter... which in the end I think helped me feel better faster! 

I remember a long time ago when I first started working from home. I wanted to dress comfortably but cute. I never left the house, so there wasn't any point in dressing up for anyone. WRONG! I was miserable when I just wore sweat pants! So, I started wearing comfortable but cute dresses, leggings and skirts. I felt better about myself. I felt better about my work!

Our style defines us. It's what gives us confidence! I have A LOT of clothes... and A LOT of shoes. It takes me a while to decide what to wear in the morning. I take pride in the way I look, because if I look good, I feel good. If I feel good, I'm going to have a good day! 

I guess I got off tangent there... but outfit posts have become a very important part of the blog! And, since collaborating with several big brands like Romwe, I've got more than enough outfit posts. I'll probably be upping the amount to twice a week! This is exciting.. and I'm so excited to be working with Romwe. I've had a clothing crush on Romwe for over a year. Probably since I started doing outfit posts! And...

I'm very excited, because Romwe has offered
 to host a giveaway on the blog today! 
$30 store credit to 2 winners! 

There are 4 easy peasy ways to enter (+1 bonus way),
 and two winners! 
2 winners will receive a $30.00 gift card
to shop on Romwe! 
The giveaway lasts 10 days. 

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  1. Very cool giveaway, Romwe has a nice selection of stuff.
    I love all your outfit posts. You're style is similar to mine which is nice because I can never find a blogger who posts outfit pics I can say that about, haha.

  2. This is a really great giveaway. It's serendipitous that you bring up style today. I dress more gothic, but lately I've been wanting to dress "normal". I'm the only Goth around, and I live in the Bible belt. People see shows on television like Deadly Women that portray all Goths as evil and murderous. I don't even like to kill spiders! I don't like being judged before people even know me. And it's not like they're judging me just to be less than, they're being told by the mass media that I'm dangerous. The stares, jeers, and hatred just make it not worth it for me most of the time.

  3. Super giveaway!! :D

    FB: Diana Giselle SanForc

    Kisses!! And good week!!

  4. https://twitter.com/itsgermanotta/status/391337983963443200

  5. gfc Isis

  6. Yay! Thank you for the win! It made my whole day!!!!!! So excited to pick out some awesome stuff!



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