Wednesday, October 16, 2013

All Over The Place

 Guys. Today was off to a bit of a rough start... just computer problems and a backache.. stuff like that. But, I've got lots of little announcements to make! Like lots.. this is a pretty big update post.. Be prepared... this post is all over the place!

First of all, Talk2thetrees hat shop will be closing on January 7th 2014. This is to give me time to work on illustrations more. I'll be illustrating another book here pretty soon, and will need some time!  So, if you've got your eye on a hat, get it now while it's open!

My sale section of the art shop will also be closing on January 7th. This means that any and all art in that section will be taken down from the shop. A lot of these paintings are already at 50% off. So, now is the time to get them before they are gone for good!

Cinderskella comes out in TEN days! Yikes!!!! It's now on preorder at Amazon too! I will be selling signed copies here on the blog. But, I will only have 15 copies available. I know some of you have already preordered the book. If you want it signed, send it to me, I'll write you a sweet note and send it back! OR I can send you a signed book plate that you can attach to your book. Or, you don't even have to get it signed. But, still get it cause I worked real hard on the illustrations, and I know the authors worked real hard on the words. It's a pretty cute story, and totally worth the 12 bucks.
This is the screenshot I sent my family at like 1am last night...
Super excited that Illustrator is behind MY name. 

And look! On the front cover...!!! My name is on there! I totally didn't think it would be on the cover.
The publisher asked me how I wanted my name on the book.
If I wanted Rachael Caringella, or Rachael Tree Talker.
Let me tell you... this was a really hard decision to make. 
I decided to go with my REAL last name, and in my bio I put Tree Talker. 

Speaking of Amazon.. Well, kind of speaking of Amazon.. AllMyWalls picked up my art! Their stuff is sold at Amazon, and even Target. They have taken my paintings, and turned them into metal work! Okay, this whole ordeal has been under construction for like 2 years. I haven't got to say anything at all! They first asked me about it like 2 springs ago, and I was super excited, but didn't see anything come from it, and kind of forgot.... but then today the Art Director emailed me and told me my stuff was getting added today!
See? It's my painting, but redone on metal panels. This website gives full credit to the artist as well! I know some companies who do this take the artist's logo or signature off, but they prompted me to keep mine on. Plus, their website is searchable by the artist.

As for more shop announcements... I will soon be adding some new framed prints to the shop. 
10 of them to be exact.. though there are only 9 in the picture... the 10th was on the shelf.
(I KNOW one of you would count...) 
And some stationary will be added to the shop! 
These ones here are actually really very old. 
I've had these locked away in a drawer for like 4 years, so there are only 2. 

But, I'll be making more and selling those! 
I'll keep ya updated on that.

I've decided to try to do an illustration a day. 
What a task huh? 
I decided to do either dreams of mine, or quotes that I like.
And once a week I'll upload them to the blog and shop. 
I will probably just be selling the originals.
No prints. 

This guy was from a dream of mine.
His octopus face was made out of the same skin as a dog's nose.. and he could smell very well.
He found a suitcase of someone's stuff, smelled the guys shoe, and decided to kill him that night. 
I was a cat and he picked me up to eat me! But I scratched him and ran away. 
I couldn't shake that dream until I drew him! 

And speaking of dog's and their noses...
I'm keeping him! (And his nose)

I went and got him a little tag yesterday.
I decided to spell his name Meko, instead of Miko.
Since it's pronounced Meeeeeeko. 

Wicket actually loves him. 
So does the kitty.

I've had him for a week and a half now.. and I've gotten to know his personality.
He's such a silly little guy. He's sleeping next to me. 
He kicks violently  when he rolls over, it's so funny.
(Unless it's in the middle of the night and he kicks you in the butt.)

And soon, he might grow into his head! 
It's quite large for his little body..
Which usually ends up with him stumbling and falling. 

Thanks for hanging in there on this random post.
I've got some exciting things coming up in my life.
Lots and lots of work to do.
But, I wouldn't have it any other way! 

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  1. Rachael, will you be making any Tarot decks?

  2. Wow, so many exciting things are happening in your life! And you totally deserve it. And those metal panels with your art are so cool! I'm glad you're keeping Meko. He's adorable.

  3. Chelle! As I was laying down for bed yesterday I scribbled into my little idea journal... TAROT DECKS. Sterling and I have talked about it.. and I would LOVE to. I'm not sure how to get them printed though! I think I would want to draw the pictures full size, and have them printed, rather than drawing them onto each card individually you know? Do you have any ideas? I would LOVE to do it!!

  4. I adore everything about this post. Let us know once the panels are listed!

  5. I'm so happy for you about the book! I know it's a huge accomplishment and then having AllMyWalls pick up your art! I'm so glad good things are happening to you right now because you definitely deserve it!

  6. Congrats on everything! Your puppy is adorable!

  7. Whoa, yeah, yippee! Seriously, that is just so cool! I think doing your images full size, them having them printed is most cost effective for you to sell them and still be able to make some and not lose any money. I'm already trying to figure out how to get a reading with you via Lotus, I'm on there using their free readings when I can, since hubby is out of work & unemployment was denied us. Boo. Anyhow, I'm longing to be read by you, and love the whole deal for October going on right now!

    I'm partial to fae folk, cats, the moon, stars, water, if your tarot has any of those I'm good :D I've already found my sack to keep them in, it's on Etsy, from Latvia, and is a fortune telling cat. HA, so me! I'm just learning about tarot more, and don't know much at all about astrology, except I am a Cancer, and in the things I've read about it, it does tend to sum me up more or less.

    Geez, the hair on my arms is still up from reading that you had that idea that same night, because when I asked you that, I just kept hearing, "Ask Treetalker about tarot" over & over in my head. It left me alone as soon as I hit enter to you, no lie! So cool!


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