Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thursday Threads - Golden Strolls and a Product Review

Last weekend we went to the Gluten Free Expo with my mom.
We got loads and loads of samples, free food, and Sterling even got a baking set from the girls at Pilsbury. Which he gave to me.  I think the girls there were flirting with him...
 I mean, how could they not? He is so freaking handsome. 

After the Gluten Free Expo we went to World Market. 
Have you ever been there? I love it.
It's full of decor I would put in my temple room.
When I was describing the store to Sterling I just said, "Temple room decorations."
And he knew exactly what I meant.

I ended up finding the perfect hat.
It took almost an hour before I could decide to buy it. 
I have a very hard time buying things for myself sometimes..

Sterling and I then went down a little neighborhood to get these lovely fall shots. 

I received this beautiful blue dress from Shabby Apple for a product review. 
It matched perfectly with my new hat. 

My review on the dress: 
Oh my gosh. It is amazing. I have a hard time finding dresses that actually fit me. I'm pretty tall, but pretty skinny, so dresses tend to be either too short and perfect everywhere else, or just long enough but baggy in the bust and the hips. This dress fit like a glove! I had the perfect amount of room to move around in, and it was the perfect length. I grew up only being allowed to wear skirts and dresses to the knee, so anything shorter makes me feel slightly uncomfortable... This went right at the knee. So, I was able to walk around all day feeling comfortable, and even warm during the cool fall day. The fabric is a thick jersey style fabric, so it stretched and moved with me. I also loved how versatile the collar was. It's kind of a cowl neck collar, but can be draped down like a little capelet, or flipped up like a mini hood. I would definitely recommend Shabby Apple 's dresses. Great quality, and excellent style.

Sterling kept commenting on how classy I looked all day. How I looked timeless and classic. 
Their dresses are a little bit on the expensive side, at least for me... but these aren't cheaply made dresses like a 20.00 dress you could get at forever21. These are totally worth the price tag. 

Dress - Shabby Apple
Sweater - Nowistyle
Felt Hat - World Market 

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  1. Yeah I agree. I love Shabby Apple dresses but they are too expensive for me ha ha ha. I don't know if you know, but they have trunk sales twice (?) a year where their dresses are wayyyy discounted. I can't remember how much, I'm thinking they are like $20 a dress though. They announce them on Instagram I believe. Love the hat! Was it just the World Market in Sandy (or SLC) or is there one closer I have not discovered?

  2. You look absolutely beautiful in that dress! Sterling was definitely right about how timeless and classy you look!

  3. Oh I knew I saw this dress somewhere! I just won the dress on a blog giveaway, and wow it's so comfy and well-made. I love it! I like the way you styled the dress, so classy indeed.


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