Friday, October 18, 2013

A Full Moon In Aries

My time to shine. I'm a full fledged Aries. And this is my full moon. 
If you are an Aries too, you are probably really proud to be Aries.
We are number 1. I mean, number 1 in the zodiac, but also we are a pretty badass sign. 
And we are really prideful. It's true. 
Research it. 

I'm an Aries with western astrology, and a Dragon with Eastern.. 
Dragon is equivalent to the Aries. 
So, I'm very Aries. 

This weekend I'm going to FINALLY list those framed prints, 
greeting cards as well as these little cuties. 
I've been trying to get new stuff listed...
but I've also wanted to change a few things in the shop. 
It's been a long process.

If you've ordered a hat they will be shipped out today.

And if you WANT to order a hat...
do it.
Cause all sales are currently going into this  beauty.
Isn't she purty? 
Continuous ink... Full HD printing... Beautiful... AND I'm only a couple sales away from affording it! 
My current printer is a jerk.
He jams sooo much and gives me random errors. 
This gal... is from a local print shop, so if I have problems I can take it in for the 2 year warranty. 
Plus they do ink refills at a fraction of the cost I'm paying for my current printer.

So, if you want a hat, the proceeds are going into getting this printer so I can print out art prints! 

But really, I've been geeking out over this here printer since I saw it. 

Alright folks...
I'm off to work some more.
Even with a cat on my shoulder.
(This picture was taken 2 days ago... but it's fitting cause he is sitting like this again.)
This cat loves me.
He is mad at Sterling for some reason...

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  1. I'm a Cancer, and have always known that I have very, very Cancer traits with a little Leo thrown in (I'm on the cusp). After a weekend in Maine with a group of women who are very into astrology, I also learned that I am currently going through my Saturn Return, in Scorpio. The herbalist/astrologer looked at me in pity and said 'I bet you feel like the world is crushing you'. Yes. Yes, I do. lol.


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