Friday, October 25, 2013

Shifting Focus

I'm late on posting this today..
I got word that the house I'm renting sold, and I have a new landlord.
The new rental agency says they will be increasing our rent which is pretty absurd since I just signed a contract 2 months ago, and they shouldn't change the rent for that year. They are also saying my rent is due on a different day, when my original contract states otherwise. My new contract also needs to be signed by the first, when my new rent is due. Also,  I won't be getting my new contract until the first. Will I have time to look over the new contract? Think about it? Looks like I won't. I'm pretty upset, and everything inside of me is screaming red flags. So, I called up the bankers and brokers to see if they knew anything about that.
The lady I talked to was totally on my side, and said they legally couldn't raise the rent. She got the necessary phone numbers and emails and said she would get to the bottom of it for me.
I'm feeling a little bit better.
My instincts aren't telling me it's time to move right away... They are telling me to be careful.
Though, I'm still looking just in case.

I don't want to move! I want to stay in this house for now...
I don't want to sign any contracts, Mercury is in Retrograde, and signing contracts usually is a bad thing during this time...

So, I'm changing my focus to staying. For at least another year. Leaving on my terms.

I don't want any panicked rushing to find a new place, rushing to borrow a truck.. I'd like stability for a little while... So, that's what I'm going to focus on.

We are told we create our reality, so I'm going to create the reality that I stay in this house for another year, without paying more in rent. Let's all put our happy thoughts towards that? Deal.

My intention for this blog post was to share my new work with you..

Lots of new trees to be added to the shop over the weekend.
And it's really going to happen this time. I'm saying I'll list something,
and I really really will. Promise.

Oh and this!

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  1. I find your work interesting and honest - which Is what I always look for in an artist, (painter, singer, rapper - whatever the art might be) and your use of colors are good, - it makes your pictures/paintings come alive. :)


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