Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thursday Threads And A Pet Update!

This post today is a bit of a combined one. The animals have grown so so much in like a week! So, I decided to do a little pet post.. but first the weekly outfit post. This one is called Peach And Pink, cause I'm wearing a peach skirt, and pink hair. I seriously can't decide if they match. The day after I dye my hair, it's HOT pink... eventually it fades into my cotton candy color that I feel goes with move colors. So, the first little bit, I'm stuck with hot pink hair that mismatches my clothes..

Still can't decide if my hair matches, I do however love all the brass/copper jewelry and how that all ties in. The first brass bracelet I got from a craft store, it's just too fun to play with, and the beautiful copper bangles are from The Vagabond Studio. I'm a HUGE sucker for quotes, and these are my favorites. One reads, "The moon lives in the lining of your skin." And the other reads, "Let me learn from where I've been." I think they'd be such great gifts for my sisters this year for Christmas..

Bracelets - Vagabond Studio 
Skirt - Chicnova
Leg Warmers - Hand Made 
Sweater - Gift 

And now, a real quick pet update! 

I'm up to my ears in animals suddenly. Anubis is huge, Meko's ears are standing up, and Wicket is doing super well with all the adjustments! Oh, and I got a fish. 

 Meet The Doctor. My new fish. We decided that when he "dies" we can just get a new one and say he regenerated. We've never been so delighted to name a  fish. 

 The pets are all getting along and snuggling! 
 Meko's ears stand up straight now. It just happened over night!
 This is Meko,
This is Mowgli. They are so alike! 

Anubis - Nicknames: Banubis, Nubi, Nuber. Thinks the bathroom is his domain. LOVES to sit in the toilet. Plays really rough with Meko. Biggest animal in the house. And for some reason, he is mad at Sterling and pees on his stuff when he gets the chance..

Wicket - Nicknames : Viko, Wiko, Wicker, Miss America. Thinks the entire home is his domain. He acts like the little cop of the house. Always into everyone else's business. He actually like Meko, and doesn't mind to snuggle him.. but will protect all the toys, food and bones. Defends all the toys in the house, but refuses to play with them.

Meko - Nicknames Meeks, Ridder, Beeker, Meko The Mako Shark. Has learned 2.5 tricks, longest length with no accidents, 4 days! Until recently, it's been one a day. Ears are now sticking straight up. Going in to be neutered in a few weeks.. LOVES to bite and chew on everything.. Still learning. But is almost as tall as Wicket! Stores all his toys in the bed. Loves his kennel. Bites Anubis' tail.

This house is a zoo.

Oh! And this!

I only have 7 left! 

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  1. didn't you use to have a bird, too? that would make a full zoo indeed! how wonderful! ^^

  2. You look so cute with that hair! :) And your animals are adorable too. I always wished I had one more cat to keep company to the cat I already have. Watching animals interact is my favorite!

  3. Oh my goodness your little family is just so adorable! I nearly died after seeing that photo with everyone cuddled up with you!!!

  4. Lindas as suas fotos e essa criançada brincando que coisa mais fofa ^_^ tenho dois gatinhos sou louca pra ter um cachorro só pra ver eles brincando, acho tão fofo :)

  5. I am not, at all, a fan of tiny dogs. I had a bad experience with them when I was little. Yours, however, make me want a few! <3


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