Wednesday, October 23, 2013

So Much Going On

Yesterday was a big day. I buckled down and finished all orders, edited all photos, listings AND listed a bunch of stuff. I worked maybe 14 hours yesterday.. I wouldn't have eaten or gone to bed if it weren't for Sterling.. It was hard to tear me away from the computer! But, I knew that if I got all of that work done, I would have time to actually create.. You know, the fun side of running a business.

Here's what happened yesterday for today:

I have listed Cinderskella in my shop! Don't worry, I got permission from Etsy, and Jolly Fish Press to do this. I have a limited amount of books to sell, so get them quick! I already had FIVE sell yesterday, leaving only 10 left! If you buy them through Etsy, I will sign them and ship them to you myself. The price is the exact same as what you could get at the book store. The book still hasn't been released yet, and once I have my batch of books, I'll send it out!

Inside the book, other than a pretty adorable story, are 26 full illustrations by me, as well as 28 chapter heading illustrations. The cover was also designed and painted by me! And it's only 13.00! 
Not a bad deal. Buy it here!

Just added to the shop... 

These pretty much speak for themselves.. 
Send a note of appreciation and love with one of my designs on the over! 
I now have a "Paper Goods" section in my shop. Check it out here.

And one of the prettiest sections in the shop... 
Now selling Framed Art! 
These frames are from local antique stores, and they are seriously so so beautiful.
I love pairing up spooky art with lovely frames. 

And I'm not done! One more thing! 

Annnnd oh my gosh! I'm done? I can read now?
I can paint? And draw? And play with my puppies?
Sigh of relief.. the hard stuff is done! 

For now... 

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  1. The framed art is so beautiful! And make sure you take a day for yourself every once in awhile. You deserve it! It's a lesson I still need to learn too. I tend to go and go until I get run down and get sick so I am forced to slow down for a bit.


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