Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Creator

I painted a few days ago.. 
It's based around this quote,
 "We are what we think. All that arises with our thoughts. 
With our thoughts, we make the world.  - Buddha

I showed the painting to Sterling when I finished and he said noticed the little guy at the bottom with his arms outstretched. Looking almost is if he was just absorbing all the beauty. Taking it in. 
I explained, well that's kind of what the guy at the bottom is doing... 
but he created the world. 
And it's not a boy. Just a person. Anyone. 
It is representing that we are all the creators of this world. 
We are all the creators of this reality. 
We have a lot more control that we think.
And every single thought we have shapes our world. 

Also, I really enjoy these galaxy paintings. 
They are quite tedious. 90% of these stars are actually painted by hand. 
I don't do splatters until the end, and only use them in a few spots.
I've decided the next time I paint one, 
I'm going to film it. 
And then watch the process sped up. 
It's going to be pretty cool. 

Also, I'm working on getting 11x14 prints! 

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  1. I love this painting. I find it relaxing and inspiring. Thanks for sharing its back history k x


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