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The Tarot

Have you ever heard the saying, "It's just not in the cards for me... " Or  "I was given some bad cards." Or even the term "Consult the cards." ?  For years, people have consulted these cards when they have questions or trials in their lives. Both men and women have looked to tarot readers for hundreds and hundreds of years seeking out guidance for their major life issues and questions. 
A little about the Tarot?
The Tarot deck has 78 cards, and two parts: 
The Major Arcana 
The Minor Arcana
The Major Arcana represents major issues or events in our lives, and the Minor Arcana represents smaller  problems and solutions. When the two are combined, it can often tell a story and give some answers and insights. 
Growing up, I was always interested in Tarot Cards and all things of the like.. Astrology, tea leaves, palm reading, crystals, numerology, and spirit guides.. All where fascinating to me, and I did my research, read a lot of books, and practiced. But, it wasn't until these last few years that I have started to embrace them outwardly. (Nothing like a good heartbreak and a cross country move to free the spirit!) 
I've been reading Tarot for years now, and I own over 5 decks! Sterling and I consult the cards whenever we have a big decision ahead of us, or even if just need clarification on a current circumstance. 
As with most forms of divination and tools like the ones I listed above, the Tarot can be very powerful and useful to help someone reflect on their circumstances, emotions, as well as provide a new way of looking at things, and give understanding. Sometimes the cards can provide answers or illumination. 
It's important to understand that Tarot is not evil. Many times people have looked at my cards and refused to touch them. When I was in college I had a guy leave my house because they were the Devil's Cards. The Tarot does not provide exact predictions or answers. Many people look to Tarot Readers expecting exact information, like names, dates, titles and sometimes even numbers. The Tarot won't be able to tell you the name of your husband, or where you will work next. The Tarot will not predict your death, they won't cause anyone or anything to happen. But, that doesn't mean there isn't insight in the cards.
I read for someone years ago when I was just starting out. I did a basic spread to answer some of the questions in her heart. The cards read a lot about romance, I saw a lot of "cups" which represent love. Some troubles and fighting represented in swords, ultimately it ended with her leaving with a young male. I hadn't talked to her about any of her issues or problems, but I told her what the cards said, and she broke down crying. Saying she was having a lot of issues in her marriage. They were fighting a lot, and talking about divorce. As it turns out, they got a divorce and she took their young son, and moved out. 
Did I predict the divorce? Not exactly. Did I cause it? No. Who was the young man she left with? Could it have represented her young son? Could it have represented her finding new love? These are answers she got to answer once she saw the opportunities. It was great to do the reading for her, and she later thanked me for helping her. She felt the divorce was inevitable, and knowing she would make it through helped. 
I personally think that Tarot cards reflect the person's energy. When a question is put into the cards, the thoughts, feelings, emotions, and even answers (Because deep down, we subconsciously know all the answers.) are projected into the cards, and they give us the answers we need. 
I think tarot cards are best used to address current issues, or something coming up. The readings I normally do are for 6 months and under. The past, present and future can always be changed, so it's best to not look too far into that future. 
Tarot readings can help you gain a little more clarity and understanding in your life. They can help you look inward and recognize deeper emotions. They put clarity into difficult situations, and often quiet exterior "noises" of the mind. 
I've decided to post often about The Tarot. Featuring a card a week, sometimes more.. Often when I do a reading that I feel needs to be shared. 

I'm also hoping to do paid readings. In this process of letting go, finding a different path and seeking new ways of income.. All while working from home, Tarot Readings has been constantly knocking on the door. Asking me to find a way to let it be included in my life. 
I am looking for ways to do online Tarot Readings. Possibly through this blog, or another website. Before I make anything official, I will announce it on this blog first, and maybe offer up 5 free Tarot Readings via Skype or email if you don't want to skype.
I know a lot of my readers read Tarot, and there is a lot of debate on online readings vs in person readings. Which, I'm hoping to do both. I'm hoping to offer the gift of Tarot to anyone however they choose to accept it. 
I would love some input here.. Would you ever get your Tarot Read? Have you? How much would you, or did you pay? 

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  1. Hi Rachel.... wow love it what you just wrote here about the tarot cards.
    well, me personally i haven't gone to a person who read me the tarot cards only through my best friend, and other friend.
    but without paying anything, they did for me for free.
    i think it is the best way to get for free a reading tarot cards.
    me specialy need one, this moment, because i'm going through, of things that are happening.... and i'm doubting kinda. ^^
    anyways.... it gives you a lot of help, on situations you are in....
    and i also did for my best friend in return, even tho' i'm not that good at it, but it get's it's understanding.... somehow.

  2. I've always been intrigued by palm reading, tarot cards & things of the like but I've never had anything done. Save for a palm reading in Jr. High (in the girls bathroom) from a girl I went to school with. =) I've always wanted something like this done but I've never felt like I had the money to try it. I'm always willing to try stuff for free (within reason, haha) but to answer your question I have no idea how much I'd be willing to pay for a reading. Not sure any of that helps but good luck! I think blog, email, skype readings is an interesting idea.

  3. Awesome! So excited for you. I keep wondering how I can use my intuitive gifts and have struggled to find the right fit for me. It nice to see when others get there.
    I have had the cards read for me, a long time ago. I think I paid 20 dollars.

  4. Whoa. There must be something in the air, because I started working more seriously with my decks recently. I've gotten mine read by someone else once, and it was a little too vague for me (but it was at a county fair, so I was doing it just for fun, honestly). I'd really like to be able to comfortably read for myself, though.

  5. I love having readings done. My psychic uses a combination of cards, runes, and Reiki. I pay a dollar a minute and tip well. Worth it!

  6. I find Tarot readings intriguing but I have never participated. I don't know if its because of the fear of the unknown (I don't know much about tarot or astrology and the such), being told something I don't truly want to hear out loud, or because there are frauds all around these types of things (I'm thinking of the TV psychic hotlines...probably a terrible comparison). But honestly, I think I would give it a try and I would trust a reading from someone like you who is honest (you post very personal things often and you aren't afraid to give information about things that some people like I do not know about, this post is a perfect example of that).
    I think a great way for you to start is to do a certain number of free readings (you know people LOVE free things!) and then have those people write reviews on their experiences. It would be beneficial to you as well as anyone who might want to consult you. Either way, good luck :-)

  7. I have always been interested in tarot. I have been wanting to learn about it but no one around me is into the same things as me. I'm so happy to read that you'll be posting about the cards. I would love to have a reading too! I just found you not very long ago and I'm so happy that I did. xo

  8. Tarot cards predicted my new son way before he was even conceived. I really wish more people were open to them :)

  9. That is really cool! I have kept pulling the sun card for myself lately. This is usually the "pregnancy"card.... BUT I'm thinking this one is new ideas and projects are about to be born... since it's mostly paired with other "work" and "money" cards!

  10. Thanks Kelly! I would love to do a reading for you! I'm hoping to offer some free readings in the near future. So you should definitely snag a spot!!

  11. I would love to do a reading for you! The way the answers SHOULD be are for YOU to apply to your life. Since I don't know every detail of your life, some of the cards would speak to you more than I would even know. I would say what the card would mean, and you would know how to apply to your life. Does that make sense? But YES! If I do free readings, please grab a spot! I'll do a reading for you and explain how it works!

  12. Awesome! I'm HOPING to get on a tarot website! Or offer readings on my own website.. I'm kind of nervous! BUT, I also feel it's the right thing to do. :)

  13. I got mine read in a ghost town by some tarot reader. He read mine for free, and it was actually very cool! He showed me kind of HOW to read cards... I loved it. I've been able to read my own and friends pretty comfortably.. It's something I've been interested in for years and years, but this last month, it's like I can't NOT think about my decks! I would love to do a free reading for you!

  14. That's cool! 20 isn't bad. I've never paid to have mine read, but I've had free readings (He should have charged since he was a professional and all!) And my friends have done it. I know some people who charge like 10.00 PER MINUTE! I don't know how much I will charge, but probably around 20.00 no more than 40.00

  15. Very cool! I remember getting my palm read by someone in school, she looked in my hand and said I would be very rich and I would have a pool, then she SPIT IN MY HAND! Oh... mean girls! Haha. I have some palm reading books, and THAT IS NOT IN THE BOOKS! hehehe
    If I do free readings please snag a spot! I would love to do a free reading for you!!

  16. I'm sorry you are going through some rough times! I would love to do a free reading for you! I'll probably be doing them next week.. Maybe we should do a reading? If you need to talk, you can always email me! xoxo

  17. I would love that! And I'd totally write up a blog post about it, because it would be just awesome.

  18. Sweet!! I haven't decided on anything official as to when I will do free readings, but lets plan for next week? You can be my first official client! Exciting! Send me an email with a time that works for you?

  19. i had my tarot read (paid $20 for a amazon local coupon, so normal price would have been $40 i guess)... at the time i thought the lady did not seem 100% reliable but everything she said came true! i met my soul mate through a friend who she predicted would be important in our introduction, i had an awful bug problem in my new apartment like she hinted at, my dad has completed recovered from heart issues when doctors said he would lasting damage, and i heard from my ex who fell off the face of the earth. I have trouble reading tarot for myself though because i think I cannot distance my sight from my emotions. I kept pulling the knight of swords: fast paced change or even a fast moving man coming into my life, but since I was hung up on my ex I thought it meant we would get back together. turns out its my boyfriend. we knew within a week of meeting that we were soulmates and wanted to be together forever! :D listen to the cards! they know what they are talking about.


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