Tuesday, August 13, 2013

How To Make A Jewelry Hanger From A Cork Board!

So I've been in the mood to get my house organized and simple lately. I redid my shop, and have been slowly redoing the rest of the house. I redid the bedroom a little while ago and the only problem was all of my jewelry.
I have a lot of jewelry. Like a lot. And I just keep collecting more! I think it has to do with my dad being a gold smith and just being surrounded by jewelry. Or it's that I'm a girl and I like to feel pretty.
Anyways, it's gotten out of hand.. And I'm a little embarrassed to show you photos of my messy room.. but everything else is clean! Promise.

I believe if you don't see something, you won't wear it. Things need to be out and organized of they will just collect dust, rings will get lost and necklaces will tangle. So, I decided it was time to tackle the jewelry problem.

I actually made three things that I will show you in the next little while. I've got the necklace organizer today, and soon I'll show you how to make a ring organizer and a bracelet organizer.

But today, I'll show you how to make this.
(And to clear up confusion, the necklace hanger is the one on the wall.. Hehe)

You will need:
A Bulletin Board
Wood Decor for the board (I felt like mine was a little boring.)
Hot Glue Gun or E6000 glue
A Stencil (This is optional)

Here is the stencil I used. I found some downloadable images and played around with one until I liked it. Feel free to copy and paste mine! 

Cutting the stencil takes out more time than just about anything else.. if you use a stencil make sure you cut it out with an exacto blade, and print it on nice thick paper. 

First paint your board. Don't use too much water over the stencil if it's printed on paper. If you do, and the paper starts to get soggy, just let it dry for a few minutes and you can use it again! I painted two, then had to wait for the paper to dry a bit. 

I painted the sides teal, and went over it again with white and lighter teal.
I was going for the "Shabby Chic" look so I used my old brush 
and dry brushed it letting it be sloppy and messy. 
Once the first coat is dry you can go over just the edges for the shabby chic look.

I thought that the frame was a bit boring, so I added some decor from hobby lobby.
I painted the undercoat teal and went over it lightly with a lighter shade.

Then I glued them to the sides.

And that's the main part of the cork board part! Next I screwed in some hooks, and made some cute thumb tacks by hot gluing thumbtacks to the back of vintage buttons.
And that's it! Easy stuff.
Well, other than untangling your necklaces and hanging them up! 

It's made such a huge difference in my room too. Check out all that space I've got now.
And in the next few days I'll be posting the rest of the tutorials.

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  1. Oh, man. I've been needing a way to organize my necklaces lately. Right now they're just hanging on the door handle to my side of the closet and get pretty jangly when I open and close the door. I think I'll definitely have to work on this when I get the chance because it is too cute.

  2. Very cute Rachael. As I was looking at where you put it, all I could think of is Anibus up on your table batting those necklaces around, lol. I have a small jewelry cabinet in my closet and you are right about if you don't see it you wont use it. I'm not a huge jewelry buff but what I do have I care about.

  3. I LOVE this! I will definitely be copying this. All my necklaces are hanging on various coat hooks right now. I'm also making an earring holder this week because those are all in my makeup drawer right now :-/ so thanks for this!

  4. What a gorgeous makeover on this corkboard! I have a HUGE one that could use a little makeover... will have to add this to my to do list! :-)


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