Monday, August 12, 2013

Comforting Things

I didn't sleep well last night.
I woke up a lot with a lot of worries and bad dreams. Then morning came way too early.
And I've just been cold all day. It's over 80 degrees, and supposed to be almost 90 today. 
But, I need a warm bowl of soup, hot cocoa and a big sweater. 
This is how I'm feeling.. 
Garden Shed That Would Make Neat Tiny House / Tiny House Pins


Southern Comfort cupcakes. Oh my! / Chocolate

Yes .. / Creature of Comfort

the place I want to be

Cozy Day

Beef Bourguignon.....winter comfort

Baby Peach Bedding :: Layers, Lace, Ruffles / We Heart It

Can't you just feel the coziness? 
Sterling and I plan on having a pajama and blanket party later. 
Filled with hot cocoa, funny shoes and snuggling. 

Free clothes?
Count me in! 

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  1. Ah, this post is just so fuzzy and warm, makes me yearn even more for fall to finally arrive! Enjoy your pajama party! xxx

  2. I think my body and soul are just ready for fall to come!

  3. Wish I could have a pj party but gotta work :)

  4. Such a cozy, vibrant and dreamy post. I am definitely feeling Autumn on the wind lately, with the darkening evenings and the cool breezes that call for jumpers and big cozy blankets. My crochet hook has been calling too, always a sign that the cooler seasons are approaching!

  5. I love, love, love those pictures! Those cosy outfits are so tempting - I may have to go find my fluffy socks and make myself a hot chocolate! :D
    That does look like my day today - nice and relaxed! Enjoy! :)


  6. YES. I need this coziness also! I have been longing to wear my sweaters and tights again. I live in Florida, so that would be suicide for most of the year. Nature is saying we're going to have an early Autumn here (the leaves are turning and squirrels are already wreaking havoc on the pinecones), so I'm hoping I get to wear my sweaters again soon!

  7. <3333 This is what I've been craving. I was actually tossing and turning all night, until I started going through the pictures in our phone's gallery on a whim. There were pictures of the snow, and mocha lattes, and hoodie's and I felt so relaxed that I fell asleep easily!!!

  8. I love it! I mean, I love summer and spring, but fall is my favorite!

  9. Yeah, it would be suicide to do that now here too.. but I can feel fall coming, and I hope it lasts!

  10. Seriously! I've felt like this for weeks now! I'm wearing a hoodie today just for comfort! It's hot out too! I can't wait for fall. :)

  11. Yes! My crochet hook has been calling too. I want to crochet a big fluffy blanket myself. :)

  12. You can always change out of your work clothes! That's what I do. :D


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