Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Golden Meadow

We have a field. 

Where the summer air was warm, and the balmy breeze kissed and caressed our skin.

Silky ribbons of sun danced and wove around our bodies in an intricate braid.
The wind's whispers cleared both our eyes and our heads 
as our ears buzzed from the hidden voices of the Universe.
The chaos of this Earthly realm faded into dust and disappeared down the trail.
As our souls remembered. 
Our golden meadow. The hidden field. The place of our first date. 
The place of astral meetings, getaways and hideaways. 
Where our bodies became invisible. Where we stood as trees. Where we sat as flowers.
And we flew as the birds. Where we became the warm summer air. 
We became the ribbons sunlight. 
And the gentle voices of the universe.  
We were gone for eternities, but home within seconds.
Returning with sun kissed skin and peeling noses.
As the world fell asleep.

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  1. So beautiful... It calls for long walks and summer sunsets!

  2. Thanks Sasha! Just posting these pictures made me want to go back out!

  3. <3 Stunning. I am so jealous. I've wanted to have a photo shoot in a field for YEARS. Fields just are... so special, so perfect. *happy sigh*

  4. Do it! If you are ever near here.. I will show you where our field is. Sterling and I want to have our handfasting ceremony there. :)


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