Tuesday, July 30, 2013

In The Works

I've got a lot of things planned for this week. First, all open orders will be shipped out. And a BIG thank you who helped with the sale! (I think it still has a few hours to go!) I was able to get a big chunk of the orders out last week. The rest will go out this week! 
Nubi has been a big help with the knitting and crocheting of people's hats. 
He figured he might as well help too, since we aren't sure how much his next vet visit will cost. 
He has another appointment this evening, but I've got a good feeling about it. 

Also, this week I would like to have a big shop update! I'm hoping to list all of the new jewelry. There should be over 14 new necklaces! And I would like to list some of my new work, both originals and prints, as well as show you the new stamp line and direct you to that. 

But with all that, the sick kitty, and a slightly sick me... My house has been a huge disaster and things are getting crazy. It will happen though. Promise 

Also! I was a bit late on posting this... I've got a new giveaway listed! Check it out.. 


  1. Nubi's eyes are wide open! And so pretty!

  2. I hope Nubi's feeling as good as he looks! And I love that alien (is it aliens? I don't want to be wrong!) drawing. The shine in the eyes is fantastic to look at.

  3. <3 I hope Nubi is feeling better, YAY NUBI!!! Such a precious, precious face!!! I also hope that YOU are feeling better!!!

    I <3 that necklace. :)

  4. Thanks Angie! I'm feeling better.. I took a ton of vitaminC hehe

  5. Yes! I still have 2 weeks of eye drops to give him, so they will just keep gettin better.. :)

  6. I think he is feeling better! He sure is acting like it.. And yes! They could be aliens... or any creature. I was just drawing creatures, but most of them do end up looking like aliens.. :)


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