Monday, July 29, 2013

Giveaway With Shawn Coss!

Happy Monday! 
Is anyone else super tired?
I didn't sleep well last night, and I'm pretty sure I had some visitors from another realm in my house last night.  I woke up and my hall way rug was in my room,  AND a headband that was in my top drawer somehow made it into the bath tub.
 Not to mention the room was spinning and I kept waking up feeling weird.

 Once again, I jump to either ghosts or aliens. 
You guys know me by now.. 

So, I'm posting this giveaway a wee bit late.. but it's a good one. 
It's been a while since we've had a guy on the blog, since I mostly have female readers, 
but this guy is pretty awesome. 
I've seen his art around but I was excited when he messaged my talk2thetrees page  when I was running my free giveaways and we were both interested in collaborating for a giveaway.

I explored more of his art was was even more excited.
You guys have seen my stuff, and the turn it's been taking this last year. 
I've been doing some darker stuff since it's always been a favorite of mine.
So when I saw his art and style I knew it had to be featured. 

It's time to meet Shawn Coss.. 

What inspires you as an artist?
   Without coming off as a complete douchy artist, it's hard to explain but in simple: everything. I'm never really sure when inspiration will hit or what will trigger it. I may go days without anything and other times I'll be flooded with ideas from maybe a conversation or movie I saw. It strikes like lightning, and it's never the same. (I'm lead background designer and convention sketcher extraordinaire)
Twitter: @shawncoss
Instagram: @shawnexplosm

How did you get started?
    I have been drawing like most artists all my life. My first creations were dinosaurs and then I made my way into tracing sega genesis cartridges of sonic the hedgehog. I would continue to trace them until I could draw it from memory and without the case (which is a pain in the ass to draw on if you remember those clunky ass boxes). I continued to progress with pencils and not until I was about 22 did I start getting into traditional painting methods. I suppose I was a late bloomer in a way.

What do you do in your free time?
    What free time haha? When I'm not creating art or drawing backgrounds for the new cyanide and happiness show, I play a f*** ton of video games. I'm a severe Halo addict, and if I'm not bogged down in pain and pencils I'll be gaming non stop. I also co own a clothing line, Any Means Necessary, with my close friend so that is more art I create when I'm not creating other art. In the professional world I'm a registered nurse part time (cause an artist needs insurance!). I also like long walks on the beach with corpses.

Do you have any advice for artist starting out?
    Yeah, be ready to be disappointed  An art career is a bitch, and not everyone can do it. It takes a certain amount of neurosis and workaholic self punishment to be successful. My art career was launched on a chance meeting with Kris Wilson of Cyanide and Happiness. He happened to love my dark art and our friendship brought me into a career as an artist. I owe a lot to him yet he will never accept it haha. Don't waste your time going to art school. If you really want to learn, you should sign up for classes by artist you admire. Chet Zar does a couple painting sessions and from what I hear, what he teaches you in 6 hours is more valuable then what you'd learn in 4 years of art school. Again, it's a hard life. They don't call it starving artist for nothing. Some of us are very fortunate to have this career. It takes a lot of hard work and if you aren't willing to live breathe and die art then you should stick with the safe jobs that give you constant paychecks. And understand taxes! No artist seems to ever mention but you gotta be smart with money once your making it on your own and you don't want to wake up during tax season seeing you owe the IRS 10k and you didn't save anything. That sucks. Not sure if this is more advice or a word of warning and tell you to run the other way. Take it for what it's worth.

Shawn was also a HUGE help with Anubis. 
To help Nubi the kitty, Shawn used his art and talents, 
he offered some fantastic Anubis drawings
 and donated all proceeds to Anubis'  big vet bills. 
(Who's got another appointment tomorrow! So I'll update you again soon on the kitty!) 
It was such a huge help.. I teared up and everything like the emotional girl that I am...

and now Shawn is doing another custom Anubis drawing for one of you guys.
Here are some of his drawings for Nubi the kitty, of Anubis the Egyptian God. 

One lucky winner will receive an 
original 9x12 ink drawing of Anubis
in either a cute style, or a dark style..
 depending on the winner's choice. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. I hope Anubis gets better. Been rooting for this little guy!

  2. I also hope that Anubis kitty gets better soon! I had a black cat that I absolutely adored when I was little and ever since then I've wanted another but everywhere I move, landlords never want you to have a pet. On another note, I am fascinated by not only your art, but also Shawn Cross' art as well. The illustrations of Anubis are amazing! I've been obsessed with Ancient Egypt since childhood!

  3. I hope your kitty feels better! I remember when we went through that with our dog Ace. He was lethargic, goopy eyes, was losing his fur and his lymph nodes were all swollen. It's scary stuff so I totally feel for you! Also, loved Shawn's advice on taking art lessons from someone you admire. My grandma told me once that the art classes in school just weren't doing it for my dad when he was a kid, so they put him in private art lessons and he loved them and learned so much. Then when my dad went back to school in his 40's to get a degree in art, his art teachers kept telling him his work was "too realistic" to be considered art, and that he should get out of the fine art program and go into illustration. WTF? art is whatever you want it to be! So yeah, sorry to rant, I just agree with that advice haha!

  4. Hoping all of you are feeling better, especially Nubi!

  5. OMG. I would die if I won this. Anyway, I'm super happy that Anubis is doing better..he looked so sad D:

    (Also, the name I followed with is different than my facebook case you think I'm lying on the entries or something)

  6. Love his Blood in the Water, Creep, & Koi fish 3.

  7. i love his work!!! and although i'm not as busy as him, i am also an artist and work in the medical field!! lol

  8. very impressive art he does! Definitely love the "Lip lock and cross"


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