Sunday, July 28, 2013

Back To School Spirit

I've recently teamed up with some awesome fashion brands, 
so there will be a lot more fashion inspired posts here on Talk2thetrees.

It's been a while since I attended school, 
but, back to school shopping was one of my favorite things.
It's about that time of year again and you can feel it in the air.

Chicnova posed the question to me..
What would my back to school outfit be?

Looking through the back to school section was kind of fun 
since I've now been on both ends of the school spectrum. 
I've gone to school as a student, and I've taught school as a teacher. 

The fun thing is, there really isn't much of a difference in style for me.
I would wear the same thing whether I was teaching or attending school.

Here is my top pick. 

Links below.. 

Chicnova is an awesome place for all things back to school, and if you are like me and not going to school it's a great place for your fall shopping. Which I can feel fall is coming soon.. And I'm stoked. 
Check out Chicnova's back to school section, shop around and enjoy their awesomeness. 

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  1. Yes please! (that's just what I say when I'm excited and I want something) :)


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