Friday, July 26, 2013

Update On Anubis and A Big Thank You

I wanted to share a little update on Anubis. 
We haven't noticed too much of a difference with the meds, though I think his fever is down.
I'm working on getting his eyes to stay open and not produce nearly as much slime.

I walked into the bathroom where he was staying and his eyes were stuck shut. 
He meowed to me, (cause I speak cat) and looked around wondering where I was.

It was the funniest and cutest thing, and I'll replicate it on a video blog just for you. 
But I'll pretend to be him. 

I've been wiping his eyes with warm water and putting in his drops religiously. 
He's been taking his antibiotics, but kicked the bottle and knocked it over spilling a little bit. 
I just sat there, mouth wide open, looking at the wasted pink goodness.
I wondered if he would be mad if I scooped it back in.. 
But then I remembered he ate cat food from the floor so I did my best to salvage it.

He still sleeps a lot, and limps around meowing.
He's got another appointment in a few days where we are going to x-ray for his weird limp.

He just leans on things as he walks, I'm not sure if it's a symptom or something different.
I did research online, and everything looked too scary. 

It's weird once you know an animal for even a small amount of time.. 
You just don't want to loose them.

This kitten's favorite thing to do is get kisses and snuggle my face.
And sneeze all over the couch. I don't even care. That's the thing. 

Remember Mowgli? He was my pup who got me through an awful lot of hard ships.
If you've read my blog long, you may remember when he got real sick.
When I cried out on this blog for help..

I had been divorced for 2 months when he fell really sick.
We were going to try for surgery, but I was recently divorced and was in great deals of "divorce debt."
So I asked for help.

Within days I was able to raise some money to help Mowgli, 
but it was too late and that money went into his death and vet bills.

And this time with Anubis, though as far as I can tell he isn't nearly as sick as Mowgli,
(The back legs not working properly does terrify me to my inner core.. 
since that's what happened to Mowgli..)
Anubis coming into my life, and falling ill right as I went through my roommate moving out leaving my bills doubled, has been tough.

I hated to ask for help. I really did. I'm stubborn as can be, and so having that sale was the best thing I could think of, since I wasn't wanting to ask for straight up donations.

Within 2 days I was able to cover the initial vet bills.
I am beyond grateful, and there will be so much extra love into every stitch and print. 
I even had some pretty big donations that left me speechless and in tears. 
Even now, writing this.. I'm crying.

We still have a few vet visits to go, 
but I am feeling so much more confident and less heart broken.

You guys have helped mend a kitty, and a girl with a broken scared heart. 
There aren't enough "thank you's" to express what I am feeling. 
And Anubis feels it too. 

He is seriously the sweetest kitten I've ever met. 
I'm hoping to do a video of him soon.
He's got the biggest eyes. 

I've been seeing a lot of Mowgli Feathers lately. 
When he died I started to see little grey-blue feathers everywhere.
Placed nicely wherever I went. 
His death tore me up.
And seeing his feathers were a blessing.

I saw two today. 

At the paper store buying more paper for the prints I've been selling for Nubi, 
and again placed nicely inside a restaurant as I was talking about him..
Mowgli's still out there, and watching over me and now Anubis.

And so tonight I sat down with my pup and my kitten and I showed them one of the feathers.

I said, "Alright guys, listen up. ONE DAY, not any time soon.. please. Anyways.. ONE DAY you are going to leave me too. I've accepted that. Your lives are probably going to be shorter than mine. It sucks, I know. But one day, you are going to leave me and I'm going to be broken. So, you are going to have to learn from Mowgli and leave me feathers. Now, Wicket, get a good smell, taste the feather, okay, good, yours will need to be brown and black. Okay? That way I know they are yours. And NUBI, smell the feather and taste it, good... Yours are gonna need to be black, maybe with some white tips, so I know they are yours.. okay? But please. Don't leave me any feathers for a long time. Don't leave me. Okay?? Good, now you too better start to get along."

And writing this post seriously left me in tears.

This entire process of sick pets, donations, help and love from my readers brings me back to Mowgli's death, where I feel a lot of that same sadness, like reopening an old wound...
But at the same time, it's so sweet and a great healing experience for both me and Anubis.

I can't thank you all enough. 

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  1. Your animals are so blessed to have such a good pet mom. They really are. I'm so happy that you were able to raise the money you needed and I hope everything goes well with Anubis at his next vet trip.

  2. I just want to give you all such a big hug and all kinds of love. There's so much love in this post and in your pet family; it's absolutely astounding and wonderful. I hope Anubis gets better soon, and I can't wait for more updates on him. Heck, on all of you.

  3. There was so much love in this post! I was seriously crying.. Sterling asked if I needed Nutella cause he assumed it was that time of the month... and I snapped back through tears, Nutella isn't even real chocolate! I need tissues!! Hehe I'm emotional.But, I was seriously feeling so much love last night.. I have the greatest support online.. Thank you Sonya!!

  4. Aw Thanks Manda! Thank you for your love and support. I'll be updating on him often.. He's the sweetest thing ever..

  5. Oh, I'd quit the research online, it scares the crap out of me. My cat is 15 yrs. & just started having random seizures(2) & I'm leaving it to the vet to proceed w/testing & figuring it out. It's hard,though. Hope all gets better for you & Anubis.

  6. Oh my. I know, I know, I know how hard this is, lovely lady. I've gone through very traumatic animal illnesses, etc. and it's so hard, and heartbreaking. However, I truly hope that little Nubi feels 100% soon. No matter what, he has a lot of love coming from you, your family and readers and that love is worth oh so much, and is the most perfect feeling for him!

  7. This is so cute and lovely with the little kitten!!
    We rescued a little one as well...a year ago I think? She was sleeping a lot at the beginning as well... always in my arms... even on my face when I where a sleep!! (that always gave me a damn fright^^)
    But now she is so healthy! almost acts like a dog and listens to me...
    But she lives with my family in Germany and I think I miss her more than my parents actually^^

  8. Haha I quit shortly after!I'm so sorry to hear about your kitty! I hope everything works out!! Keep me updated?

  9. Thanks Angie. :) I think he's starting to feel a little better. He's acting more like a cat... you know, a jerk who runs away from you while you try to snuggle him. ;) The day he started feeling better he started doing cat like things. I don't know if I'm happy or sad about that.. haha

  10. I'm hoping Nubi will act like that! He's now just wanting to hide under the couch and dart around when we try to hold him. Typical cat behavior... haha


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