Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Productive Day

So much new has been happening around here. 
Which is why my house is a mess and I haven't done the dishes in days. 
There is also a mountain of laundry all over my room. 

This week's goal is to clean the house. 
It's gonna happen...
because I'm finally getting to my previous goals of listing new things! 

It's been forever. I know.
It feels good to accomplish goals. 

But today is a fun day... 
biggest shop update ever.
because not only am I listing original art and prints,
I'm listing over 15 new necklaces into the shop... 
And not only that.. I now have a fun little stamp line over at 100proofpress!

Sara from 100proofpress contacted me a little bit ago about collaborating for a stamp collection, and it's finally finished and available for sale! The stamps are about 10.00 a piece and hand made from my art.

I also decided to sell the originals to each of those stamps in my shop.
I'm not entirely sure if I will sell prints to them.
But I'll be selling the originals for sure. 
I've decided to price them pretty low too!

Each original will be priced at 35.00.
The ink drawing is done on thick white paper in ink. 
It measures about 7X9 inches.
I'll be adding better photos later today. 
The link to each piece is under the photo. 

Due to a slight problem with the original only prints will be sold of this one.

I also have a few other originals for sale.
These ones include India ink for some more shading.
These ones are $55.00 in the shop.

And I've finally listed all those new necklaces I've been talking about and working on for so long! 
Wood Burned Tree Necklace - Tree Necklace - Woodburned Necklace
Most of them are one of a kind and won't be sold again..
So, get them while you can! 
I've got some art print necklaces, some wood burned, and some hand painted. 

What a wonderful and productive Wednesday... 
Now I can get started on cleaning the house?

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