Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thursday Threads - Tracks

My brain is in a bit of a fog today.. So I'm not sure what all to say... Other than I can't believe it's August. The hottest of the hot months are over! And I still haven't hiked Timp yet. Sterling and I have been trying to do something extreme or fun at least once a week, so we can feel accomplished. Of course, going to the train tracks for photos isn't that fun.. I'm not too certain what this weekend holds for us, but I'm excited. I need a good break from routine. We were running out of ideas for where to take photos. So we decided to be cliche and take photos by the train tracks. Cause, you know.. where else?

Black Maxi Skirt - Nowistyle
Tank - Thrifted

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  1. You look beautiful :)
    2 years ago I found my love for long, flowing skirts and dresses. Or maybe it is more like I allowed myself to wear them in the summer and at home instead of jeans.

  2. OH MY GOSH!!! I think I recognize those!!! We passed them whenever we went to our airsoft games. <3 I love train tracks, and I think they're only boring if YOU think they are boring. I absolutely LOVE the idea of taking pictures of, and by, them and plan to do so one day. ;) It's actually a goal of mine!

  3. Yeah?! It's the area near the post office and beer factory. I guess I think that they are boring and cliche cause that's what EVERYONE does here in Utah.. all engagements are near tracks... hah

  4. Thank you! I love long skirts too! And dresses. I'm not a huge fan of jeans. I remember when I was in kindergarten I vowed to never wear jeans again. I didn't for like 5 years after that!

  5. the scenery is just awesome! I wished I had such places around here^^
    And it's a great idea to do once a week something different... I think I just start with that as well^^


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