Friday, August 2, 2013

The Long Way Home

Sterling and I went out seeking a bit of beauty.
We have kind of been in a rut.
We have been feeling sluggish, bored and a little depressed.
Obviously, it's been too long without an adventure.

One thing I've noticed, is that routine sucks.
And finding beauty makes me happy.

So, we set out for some fun.
We went to the farmer's market in Salt Lake and met up with a friend.
We bought farm fresh berries, radishes, green beans and zucchini..
And when I started to get cranky from the crowds, Sterling bought me more berries.
He's very sweet like that. He could tell people were in danger.

We went shopping at some of our favorite stores, Dancing Crane Imports, and Crone's Hollow. We picked up a tree, crystals, a tapestry and some stickers for the car.

We stopped at a lake and had a picnic with a seagull who wanted to steal my raspberries.

On our way back from Salt Lake we decided to take the long way home.
We drove through the canyons and saw some beautiful sites.

We sought out beauty and we found it.

But, the best part was sitting next to my best friend the whole time.
Listening to music, laughing, talking and sharing.
At one point we were stopped in traffic, and he said, "I like being stuck in traffic with you."
That's quite a statement to make.. but I like being stuck in traffic with him too.

Even when we are in a rut, depressed and sluggish, there isn't anyone I'd rather be with than Sterling.
And, amid all the beauty of the Utah mountains, or anywhere else for that matter, there isn't anyone I would rather be with than him.
Good days, bad days, all day every day.. I'd take the long way home if it meant more time with him.

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  1. Utah seems like a very beautiful place!
    This post, well your comment about being stuck in traffic, reminded me of one of my favorite songs. Smiling Underneath by Ani Difranco

  2. You guys just look so... right together. Like your authentic selves are shining through.

  3. Aw, that's such a wonderful compliment. Thank you Bethany!

  4. Oh awesome! I like Ani Difranco. She's got some good stuff!


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