Friday, June 21, 2013

A Few Announcements

Happy Friday! Aren't you glad it's Friday?
I am! 

I've got some exciting news! 
Two things actually.

Sterling and I were talking late one night..
We were discussing how we would like to influence the world with our own beliefs.
I've had a lot of emails lately about my way of life and the things I do.
I feel a lot of people I know, both in person, and through the internet are waking up
 and discovering new ways of life. 

It's all been happening nearly around the same time.
People have changed.
Life styles have change.
Vibrations have changed.

I've felt it, and I'm sure lots of people have.
I'm sure you have too.

Sterling and I were discussing how we can help let others 
who are feeling this change. 
Change can be a scary thing, and feeling left alone, in the dark can be terrifying.

Sterling and I have decided to open up an online shop together. 

We plan to market new age and old ritual products for the awakened soul.

Sterling and I have known each other in person for a little over a year now.
We have been working together for eternities,
 and in this life we have come up with our first  business plan.

Our goal is to bridge the gap from our ancient civilizations to modern society, 
in hopes of realization that we are still one. 

We are still in the brainstorming stage of our business development,
but we are taking baby steps..
We've already picked a name, and next is building the website.

We plan to offer: 
Tarot readings via Skype (with an email/PDF recap after)
Herbal Blends and Teas,
Candles (Both handmade and blessed!)
Carved Talismans 
Gratitude Rocks 
Wishing/Voodoo Dolls
Sage Smudge Sticks
Eventually ritual and ceremonial packs
Ritual Antique Items

Sterling and I have started writing a book together, and we have been thinking about what more we could do that would fulfill our lives and purpose here on this Earth. We are very excited to get started! 

And now for my other bit of news! 

Talk2thetrees is back! 
For a limited time, with a limited amount of hats that is.. 
(If you don't see the hat you want, let me know and I'll work something out with you!)

I've been getting a lot of emails lately about opening the shop back up.
I figured while I'm between book illustrations and projects I might find time to knit and crochet again 
So, the shop will be up until further notice...
And don't worry, I'll give you plenty of notice before I need to close it down again.

So get em while you can...
and have a wonderful weekend.
I know I will...
It will be full of knitting, planning, designing, creating, and loving and enjoying the life. 


  1. So exciting! I can't wait to see what you come up with! :)

  2. That sounds amazing! I love buying healing crystals! I wore several at a time while pregnant. Can't wait to see your idea develop and become reality.


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