Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Thursday Threads - High Waisted

You have no idea the love/hate relationship I have with these pants. 
I love the look, but I just can't handle anything above my belly button.
I'm not sure how people can do it everyday. I'm more of a "once in a while" high waister. 

High- Waisted Paints - Nowistyle
White Shirt - Thrifted
Platform Combat Boots - Thrifted 


  1. Those are pretty wicked pants. Maybe even better if they were shorts! :)

  2. Those are so adorable on you! I understand what you mean, though; high waisted pants are GREAT for about two seconds and then omg ugh. I've gotten better about things about my belly button, but not much. Super cute, though! you look like you should have a British accent.

  3. These pants are seriously so cool. I also love the cleanness of these photos.


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