Saturday, June 22, 2013


I woke up a bit early today, and went out while the summer air was still pretty cool.
I weeded the front flower beds, tended to my vegetables, flowers and herbs. 
I put mulch down to keep weeds from spreading and I even found some little mushrooms growing from my fertilizer. I worked on the yard for about an hour and a half. 

I came into the house, and I washed the earth from my hands and feet, and looked at my house. 
And in turn, I looked at my life. I'm very happy with my life. 
My little yard. My candles, my bottles, my dark curtains, and my darling Wicket and Clauneck.
I sat for a little while and just absorbed my life.
This is a happy place. 
This is my place.
And I am happy here. 

I sent Sterling a text. It said, "I love our life."
He knew what I meant.. because those 4 words are simple, but they are so complex.

My life is perfect and beautiful.
And I have everything that I want and need. 

And I'm no longer afraid of saying things like that out loud.
I used to think deep down... that if I got comfortable,
 or if I noticed how good my life was, something bad would soon follow. 
I'm sure even that thought was magnetizing all sorts of bad things. 

Instead, I'm now focusing on the beautiful abundance in my life, 
knowing that recognizing abundance will bring more of it in.
And gratitude is a one of the strongest magnetic feelings of all.  
I will often walk through my house, and look at it with such thanks. 

It is a warm and safe house. Full of beautiful fun things. I am surrounded with things that I love, and things that inspire me. I am surrounded by plants, flowers and herbs, and animals that love me.
I have the man of my dreams and we have the perfect relationship. 
I have my talents that help me make money.. and they are things that I love to do. 
I'm ever so grateful for my life today.

And tonight, I'm hoping to get started on making candles for the new shop.
I've been brainstorming different ideas for the new shop.
I want to keep it unique from those friend's who have new age and holistic shops too.
Like I mentioned in my post before..
People are waking up and realizing a new way of life. 
People are being drawn to more natural things,
and I'm trying to find my own part in that.

And I'm grateful for that too. 
Grateful for ideas, knowledge and the support that I have. 


  1. I love this post. It's simple honesty is beautiful and uplifting. Sometimes I get caught up in what's wrong with my life, my world. It's nice to have this reminder to be thankful for all the good.

  2. I am glad to read that you are feeling better and are full of plans. Good luck with all of them and enjoy the way.

  3. <3 I love this post and oh do I understand that feeling. I also know I have a perfect life, and people seem to dislike that. "No relationship is perfect." "No life is perfect." etc., etc. but I couldn't disagree more. My relationship is perfect, Jen and I are perfect and perfect together, our babies are perfect. Even now, when we're stuck in a house that isn't our own and living in a little bedroom, we're happy. When we have our own place, that feeling will grow. I love my life. I am so, so glad you love yours and have love, and peace and happiness surrounding you and inside of you. <3


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