Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thursday Threads - A Little Late

I'm totally late posting this.. and I'm sorry. I had a busy day! Days have been wonderfully busy. 
It's finally cooled down here in Utah a bit. My house is no longer 80-gross-degrees. And it's been a bit stormy even. I love overcast weather... a little dreary. Plus it's perfect for photography. 

Military Style Cardigan - nowistyle
Leggings - nowistyle
Bowler Hat - Forever 21
Boots - Forever Young Shoes


  1. So pretty! I have to admit I'm a wee bit jealous. Here in Florida I'm already dealing with the early 90's. Ick.

  2. Yuck, I'm not happy about the early summer temps either. I had all the windows shut, the AC on full blast, all the ceiling fans on and 2 floor fans going the other day and my house wouldn't cool down past 78 :-(


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