Friday, May 24, 2013

Full Flower Moon

Tonight is the Full Flower Moon and a partial Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius. Though there's always lots of confusion as to when it actually is. Some websites show it was yesterday, my calendar says tonight and some places say its tomorrow night. Either way, I'll celebrate tonight.
 It is the final eclipse of Spring. It's going to be beautiful. 

Sterling and I like to celebrate the full moon and the new moon.
We often light candles and make goals.
It's a special time for us. 
It's often a sacred time.. and a joyous time.
 I occasionally post photos on my instagram. 

The moon in Sagittarius is a moon that very optimistic and open. 
It's a peaceful time, full of sharing.

At about the same time, the moon is leaving Scorpio which is a very emotional sign. 
Scorpio can be a trying time emotionally.

This means it is almost like the shedding of skins at this time. 
Breaking emotional difficulties and finding the path that leads to true healing.

The full moon shines light in the darkness.. even when we are tired or afraid to look. 
Emotions can be released. And new goals can be made. 

It's called the Full Flower Moon because of the abundance of flowers and color

Tonight we've got a lot of cleansing to do. 
We will be cleansing for a while.
Recycling old energy. Stagnant energy. Even a bit of bad energy in this house.
I actually see an entire blog post on that coming up..

But, tonight we also plan to celebrate the abundance we have in our life.
We have been very blessed. And we feel that we are very lucky and powerful people here.

Each person is a magnet, and it's good to take time to reflect
 exactly what you are attracting. 

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  1. I'm in Istanbul and now I can see that beautiful moon. thanks for this post =)

  2. Thank you for sharing the moon information and your pretty girl

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  4. I'm so glad that the moon is moving OUT of an emotional sign. I've been dealing with so much anxiety and fear about the future and the last thing I need is for those feelings to be magnified.

    Did you know we're supposed to have a super moon again in June and July? I'm excited about it!


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