Tuesday, May 28, 2013


This weekend was amazing. The moon must have hit me just right because I was on FIRE and ready to work. I got so much accomplished I went to bed sore and didn't get up until about noon!

This whole roommate thing has lit a fire under me to make this place more of MY home. It's a new way to look at things I guess. It's frustrating that I can't clean up and rearrange the whole house just yet.. I've got to wait until next week to do that... SO, I focused my time and energy this weekend into expanding the beauty of my home's yards. Yard Work. Something that everyone else who has lived here has neglected completely. Sterling was a great help, and kept up with my fiery pace the whole way.
 Yes, that's probably dirt on my face. 
We spent maybe 8-10 hours out in the yard. Weeding, mowing, trimming, planting, raking, laying down mulch, and decorating the front and back. I even found an old worn red welcome mat for the door. It's slightly gothic, which is perfect for my home. 

I of course don't have any pictures of the finished yards because it was dark by the time we were done. 

We also picked up a few things from the thrift store. 
 I have a love for pillows. All colors, shapes and sizes. I love them to be mismatched and random. I have always dreamed of having a "temple" in my house where the floor will be covered in pillows.
I'm so excited that will soon be a reality. Pillows were about 2.00 a piece at the local thrift store! 
How could I say no? 
I also found this fabulous fluffy fake furry floor-covering. 
Ok, it's a rug. But, I've seen it at Ikea before and always wanted one. It's just so comfy! 
I found it brand new at the thrift store! 
I put it on the ground and Wicket walked right over and decided it was his new bed.
I may be sewing a stuffed animal head on it to make it a bear rug. 

 I went to the beauty supply store and picked up some bleach to touch up my roots. 
I also grabbed the scissors and decided it was time for a trim.. but then I thought,
this is the longest my hair has been in a while.. I think I'll keep it. Roots and all.
So, I've decided to let it grow just a bit and maybe even let the roots go in even more.
Let's not get crazy here... I'm not going to go THAT much longer.. Maybe another inch. 
I also found time to squeeze in two mini photo shoots. I've been working with a few clothing and jewelry company's as a model lately. It's been a lot of fun to expand like this and find more and more things that I love to do. 

Speaking of things that I love to do.. I've been working on this new jewelry line for a little while now! I'm wanting to do more than just put art prints under resin. So, I'm trying to expand a bit. I'll be doing some "one of a kind" pieces soon.
I'm excited to do another photoshoot with these too.

And at the end of everything.. we went into our outdoor sanctuary, 
lit a small fire and had a barbecue at 10 pm.  We went over our accomplishments for the weekend. 
We listed the things we did and were amazed at our abilities. 
We listed the things we were thankful for and were amazed by how blessed we are. 


  1. I'm so glad you got to work out in your yard! I've always lived in the country in NW Florida, so I've always had a yard to work in. It's so rewarding! I can't wait to see some pictures. Are you planning on growing some herbs or veggies? You probably can get sage to grow like crazy where you are.

  2. So glad you got so much done!
    Beautiful photos.

    You and Sterling are perfect(:

    -XO Abbigayle Rashae

  3. yeah for yard work!!! i absolutely positively love the smell of the earth!!! i love to pull weeds, plant things, breathe in that yummy dirt air!! lol
    and i've been wanting one of those ikea rugs too!!

  4. Oh my gosh how cute! What thrift store?!

  5. I love your rug, and especially the idea of sewing a stuffed animal head onto it :)

  6. I love the wrought-iron design of your welcome mat!


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