Friday, May 17, 2013

Blindsided, In A Bind, With Eyes Wide Open

I love the title of this post..
I have been blindsided, and I'm in a bit of a bind, but my eyes are wide open. In a bind, but I am not blind... 

I received some news a few days ago. My roommate has decided to move out in two weeks. Though I'm happy for her, I'm a bit stressed and bugged. I'm a little bugged because of the such short notice. When I was thinking of moving, I gave five months notice and felt incredibly bad but didn't end up leaving. In the end I get a two weeks notice to figure things out.

Two weeks notice is what you give to a job you don't like. So I'm feeling a bit betrayed, and stressed and it really isn't helping the mental health problems I've got going on lately.

Especially when it comes out of no where.

So in two weeks, my bills will double. I'll be needing new furniture, and probably going through quite a bit of mental pain..

Yesterday in the midst of my stress I stumbled upon this: 

I am the new woman. I am a born fighter. You can bend me sometimes for your selfish motives but you can never break me because I am invincible. I am not jealous of any one because I am very confident about my own capabilities. I believe that there is nothing in this world which I cannot accomplish because nothing can stop me from being an achiever in any field I want to master. I will not allow anyone to manipulate me or belittle my soul with deceitful conduct. I will not allow anyone to define or change me because I am free spirited and I have my own unique personality. I know how to fight back and survive on my own terms. If I am shattered I come back even stronger because I am determined to be a survivor and not a victim. Each day the challenges of life deepen the conviction in my soul and make me more determined to achieve my goals .. Aarti Khurana

These words echoed in my mind. They were just the words my soul needed to read. The perfect combination of our 26 letter alphabet, and at the perfect time too.

While I will be going through pain, I will also be healing, accepting change and letting go. Trusting in the universe that things will work out the way they need to be, and accepting that people leave your life for reasons. 

What does this mean ultimately? 
It means that I'm a tough girl, and I always will be a tough girl no matter what. Even when I'm left blindsided by someone I've trusted. 

It means that I'm a survivor, and a fighter. 
It also means that I will be working on my art and shop more to help make ends meet. 
It means this starving artist is about to get a bit skinnier. 
It means there is an anger fueled fire inside of me that will come out through my work. (Hopefully..)
It means that I'll be posting new art weekly and reminding you guys about it often.

So, if there has been something you've had your eye on in my shop, now would be a great time for your support. 
(Insert winky face)

In fact I even set up a store wide sale. Enter the code JUSTCAUSE30 at check out for 30% off anything in the store. 

If you are interested in a custom painting I will honor the sale too. Email me if interested. 

As always, it's your support and love that keeps me going, feeds my creativity, my passion and as well as my belly. Thank you. 


  1. Those words gave me goosebumps. This post was exactly what I needed to read today. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I woke up not wanting to get out of bed because I am feeling so overwhelmed by the number of priorities all pulling me in different directions right now. But if you can fight through it, so can I! xoxo

  2. That really sucks. I had a roommate do something similar, leaving to study abroad in Japan without finding a replacement roommate first. So my remaining roommate and I each had to start paying half of the rent instead of a third each and eventually had to move out and find places with lower rent. Best of luck to you during this time. I hope your art sells like crazy, so you won't be super stressed.

  3. Oh and also I love the sketch at the beginning of this post. I hope you'll list it for sale in your shop soon. I would definitely buy a print of it.


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