Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Good Life

I live a very good life. It's full of beauty and happiness. Despite the little downs, and the trials, I live a very good life.  The Good Life I talk about isn't just for a few of us. It's available to all.
Here are some of my tips on achieving The Good Life.

My hammock in my backyard

How to Live The Good Life

1. Appreciate Life's Simple Pleasures - The best things in life aren't things. From laying outside in the hammock listening to the birds sing, to watching the stars with Sterling. It's the simple small things that show true appreciation. 

2. Be Self Sufficient - Freedom is a great gift and self sufficiency is a great form of freedom. Be your own hero, and don't wait to be saved by any one person, or any thing. 

3. Learn - Never stop learning, reading and watching. Do all the things that interest you. Be a jack of all trades, a one woman/man show, and a master of all that you can. The world is huge and it can be yours. 

4. Be Passionate - Be passionate in all that you do. The way that you talk, walk and think. 

5.  Travel - See the world. There are places in this world that will open you up to things you've never imagined. You will see the world in a new perspective.

6. Laugh - Some of my best memories were filled with laughter. Laughter has helped me out of some really bad depressions. If I'm ever down, I watch something funny, read comic books or even laugh with Wicket. It always brightens my days. 

7. Talk to Strangers - You never know who you will lift up, and you never know who will lift you up. Talking to strangers is how you make friends, and how you meet great people. It can be scary, but it's worth it. 

8. Take Breaks and Slow Down - Urgency and stress clutter the mind and mask creativity, awareness and happiness. Get things done efficiently and effectively rather than in a mad hurry. 

9. Exercise - Take time to refresh and strengthen your body. It helps energize you and keeps you young.  
10. Use What You Have, Where You Are - Sometimes we don't have the ability to move forward with our lives just yet, so it's best to do what we can with where we are at, and use our recourses at hand. The best things come from when you stretch the limits of where you are at.  

11. Be Spontaneous - Be flexible. Have fun. Don't stick to plans. Opportunity doesn't always follow your plans, so be willing to break them. 

12. Practice Time Management - Plan out your time. I have a lot that I want to accomplish throughout my days. If I don't have at least a little bit of time blocked out, I'll forget some important things. 

13. Help Others Whenever You Can - What comes around, goes around.. and it's when we serve others that we learn to love them. 

14. Always Look For The Positive - Every negative experience can be turned into a positive one. There are positive lessons around every corner.

15. Be Thankful - Say thank you every chance you get. Count your blessings. All the time. Always. 

16. Be Here Now - Right now is your moment. This is the only moment that is guaranteed to you. Don't think too far ahead, and don't dwell in the past. Right now is your life. Right now is your happiness. Don't miss it. 


  1. Hi Rachael! Thanks for this post. -It's the simple small things that show true appreciation- love this and it's so true. xoxo Ursula

  2. Perfectly wonderful advice! I wish I would listen to it more ;)

  3. I really needed to read this. Thank you..

  4. This is really beautiful! I loved to read it and see the pictures... so positive! Thank you <3

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    here it is:
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