Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I've had a lot of confrontation come up lately.
 Straight to my face. A lot of it in and around my own home.
Yelling, disrespect and harsh words. 

And every time my fire has come out a bit.

I'm reminded of my favorite Shakespeare quote:
"Though she be but little, she is fierce."

People often doubt my fiery attitude. 
I may look small. I might have hair that ressembles cotton candy, 
I might only be 5'6" and 100 pounds... 
But, if I detect even a little bit of disrespect towards me I will stand up for myself. 
And I can be mean. 

I'm a tough girl.

I can and always will stand up for what I believe. 
And I have a great deal of belief in myself.

*Disclaimer: It was not Sterling. He has backed me up 100% in all of my endeavors. He has treated me with more respect than anyone ever has and has come to my aid and stood by my side.

I know this outfit doesn't have much to do with my above statements..
But, it's something on my mind since it happened a few hours ago, and a few days ago.

I'm sick of being disrespected.
I'm not afraid to be fierce.

Floral Top - Nowistyle
Pink Shorts - Nowistyle
Knee High Socks - Hot Topic
Osiris  Shoes - Thrifted 


  1. People do the same to me... the one's who really know me, know I'm not one to mess with and that ones's who don't, realize it pretty quick! Keep holding your ground and best of luck getting that negative energy out of your life. You're a trooper Rachael and I always enjoy reading your posts!

    P.S. lovin the outfit! ;)

  2. CUTE outfit and I completely agree. Living with Jen's parents can be *extremely* hard, for both of us. I won't go into details publicly but there's quite a bit of mental and emotional abuse and because we have each other, we can get through. I'm a Leo, so I was born fierce. ^_^

  3. just stay the way you are, tough girl!


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