Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Trust The Adventure

I've been working a lot throughout this sale, shipping orders, printing prints and making necklaces. 
It's been sooo good.
I couldn't thank you enough.
Seriously, I'm so blessed to have such amazing readers and friends..

This last week has been an adventure and a wonderful time for learning.
I've learned who I can trust and who I can't.
That's always a good thing, even when you loose trust in someone.
It's still a lesson learned.

I've learned that strangers and friends online, 
people I've never met can be more trustworthy than long time friends. 
I've also relearned the meaning of friendship. 

Learning who to trust is a life long lesson.

I got off the phone last night with my agent..
(That's still a shocking sentence to say...) 
He called to talk about some new paintings and new business opportunities. 

He told me his main goal was to have me making my art full time.
I told him that was mine too.
It felt good. 
I'm even learning to trust him. 
Trust is a scary thing. 

I got off the phone and snuggled over to Sterling and told him about the call and showed him my notes.
We are excited about the things coming up next.. Even though we don't know them quite yet.
Of course the future is scary and we really aren't sure how things will work out.
We aren't sure how to connect the dots.
But, we know that when the dots are connected
 the picture will be beautiful.
That's the fun in it.
That's the adventure. 
Waiting to see. 

In order to create abundance, one must be grateful.
I am committed to living in gratitude for everything in my life and world.. after all, I am the creator of it. 

I am grateful for those out there that who support me and allow me to contribute my art and love out into this world. You are making my dream of being a full time artist a reality and I'm so thankful for that.

I am grateful for the amazing support I receive from Sterling. He is constantly coming up with ideas for me, and is willing to do the business/number aspect of my work. I'm beyond grateful for that.

I'm grateful for the lessons I've learned in the last week, and the stability I've felt despite the situation placed on me.

I'm grateful for the balance and the abundance I see daily.

And I'm so grateful for the trust that I have in The Adventure.


  1. I love that your goal is to make your art full time. You create such beautiful pieces and you've come a long way with what you're doing! Thanks for the inspiration. :)


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