Tuesday, April 9, 2013

An Outlet Once Again

I'm sitting here watching the rain fall from my living room window.
The fog is covering the Utah mountains, 
Wicket is chewing the bone I gave him for his birthday,
and Sterling is napping. 

Sterling is an excellent napper. 
I blame astrology for that.
I'm a feisty and energetic Aries, and Sterling is a balanced peaceful Libra-Virgo cusp.
He tries to balance me, but it often ends up with him taking a nap while I have alone time.

And in this case, I'm watching the rain.
Watching the rain and thinking about yesterday's blog post. 
I shared a pretty honest and heartfelt post yesterday.
And it made me feel better.

Before my life got so busy, this blog was an honest place for me. 
A place where I could sit and think and write.

Then I got busy.. and blog posts were hurried, and sometimes forgotten.
For a very long time this blog was a big help to me. 
It got me out of a lot of my depression...
and I feel myself slipping back into that depression.
So, I'm turning back to this little blog of mine.
Going back to the way it was, when  and how I needed it.
Heartfelt posts, maybe even sad ones.. 
dark ones, and happy ones.
More of my thoughts, and my feelings.

And those who want to be part of it can be, 
and you are welcome to join.
I just feel like I need a bit of an outlet right now. 
Sadness and depression don't need a reason.. just an outlet.
And thank you so much for your supportive comments. I needed those. 

Don't get me wrong...
Things in my life are great right now.
Things with Sterling are wonderful,
 and I couldn't ask for a better companion through the dark times.
That's all it is.. a dark time, and like this rain..
things will clear up.
The sun will shine again. 
It always does. 


  1. i hope this doesnt sound creepy but i always read your blog and feel like we have so much in common. my ferret imogen passed away right around the time mowgli did and i've also been through a divorce and had to pull myself back up both emotionally and financially. andddd ive also had to deal with a crazy ex who sounds very similar to yours. for some reason i always go through a depression this time of the year, no matter whats going on in my life good/bad. just know that i'm rooting for you and i know we will both come out the other end of it even stronger than we already are!

    xx, kara

  2. Some of my favourite poetic lines:

    Above all shadows rides the sun and stars forever dwell,
    I will not say this day is done nor bid the stars farewell.

    They help me a lot.

  3. I've suffered with depression on and off most of my life and sometimes its timing doesn't fit with what you have around you. I feel incredibly lucky and happy with my bf but have also felt the horrendous bits of depression. Its then that I find it helpful to remind myself that they are symptoms of an illness and not personality traits or flaws. Like most spells of ill health rest, reflection and support (practical as well as emotional) will get you through it.


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