Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Thursday Threads - On Top Of The World

Sterling and I recently went to Sedona on a pilgrimage of sorts.
Sedona has been considered The New Age Capital,
and that's something Sterling and I just had to see. 
Lots of crystal shops, psychics, and energy vortexes.

I've been slowly unloading photos to you.. 
I'm sure you've noticed.
I'll get more into the details of the trip, but today is about style. 

We took some outfit photos in some really cool places. 
These ones here were taken near The Sedona Airport Vortex.  

Striped Shirt - nowistyle
Leggings - nowistyle
Bag - nowistyle
Grey Hat - H&M 


  1. adorable pics. love that stripes tshirt

  2. Looks super comfy!


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