Friday, March 1, 2013

Magical Finds

Like I said in yesterday's post, Sterling and I went to Sedona. A few streets away from the touristy main street were some small New Age and crystal shops.  We walked into a crystal shop and immediately felt a difference. All of the stress from the crowds melted away, we were in a place of peace. 

I've been interested in crystals for a very long time. 
Ever since I was little actually. 
My dad is a goldsmith and works with gemstones on a daily basis. 
I remember sitting with him while he worked asking about what stone was what. 

Later in life I learned that each crystal has healing and metaphysical properties. 

Just like medicine there are things on the planet that can make you feel better
 and crystals do the same thing. 
Everything has a different energy. 
Your body gives off the same amount of electricity that a battery gives off. 
When you are sick, upset, sad, or happy you give off a certain vibration, 

It's like walking into a room right after someone was fighting.
You can feel it. 

 These gems and rocks are in a sense magnetized
 to coincide with the human body. 
Just like medicine, each rock and crystal does something different. 

Back in the old days this was considered magic. 
In modern days science recognizes that this magic is actual fact. 
Crystals are used in computer chips, batteries, and other household objects. 
They are known to give off, take in, and store energy,
 as well as memory.

Sterling and the Lapis Lazuli skull that kept calling to him. 

Sterling and I consider ourselves lucky to have someone with the same beliefs. 
The very first time we met, Sterling pulled out his bag of crystals and showed them to me. 
I of course was carrying mine with me as well.

Most people I've been with have thought I was crazy.

So, it's nice to have someone equally crazy.

We also went into a crystal shop that specialized in crystal skulls.
Something I've loved for a very long time.

There was a loft room upstairs of the crystal shop for a skull meditation. 
The shop owner gave us permission to go sit upstairs for a bit.
I was in awe of all the beautiful skulls around me. 

Crystal skulls are skulls carved out of crystal. 
They carry the properties of the crystal, but are given a face, and the ability to talk almost. 
I've been looking to get myself a crystal skull for a little while now...
but I'm waiting for the right one. 

We brought Wicket with us everywhere we went on this trip.
He calmed down at the crystal shops too.
The owner of the store gave him his own little crystal. 
Wicket now has Jet on his collar.
Jet, is fossilized wood, so it's very lightweight. 
It is known to relieve stress, fears and anxiety.
Just what this pup needs. 


  1. You would LOVE the town my husband is from in California. It's really small, but it's all crystal shops and new age book stores. And everyone there is really into it. And the mountain there is said to have magical properties. My husband and I always stop at the headwaters that run off of it and drink from it. People come from all over the world to go up on the mountain to feel it's vibrations.

  2. Oh my Wickets little Jet! :)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Wow that crystal skull shop looks so cool! I didn't know that your dad was a goldsmith. That's really interesting.

  4. Woah. I'm SO gonna get a crystal skull one day they are EPIC!!! Thanks for sharing this Rachael, it's fascinating!!
    PS. I wonder where I can find some of that 'Epidote' crystal - it sounds awesome ;)


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