Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thursday Threads - Shades Of Grey

It kind of looks like Sterling is looking at these words.
Which makes me giggle just a bit. 
I have a very handsome photographer.
It makes it easy to smile in outfit pictures.

We are working on getting him to smile in photographs.
I promise he is a happy person. 

It's been very grey lately.
My favorite kind of weather. 
Which has made me dress the same.
Lots of shade of grey.

Marie from MarjaLovely  sent me this beautifully warm headband.
It matched the weather and the mood perfectly, and kept my ears oh so warm. 
I love the turban/bow look of it, and it's nice to wear knitted material that isn't my own.
It's been forever since I've knitted and I miss the feel of wearing handmade things..
so I'm very grateful for this! 
It's great quality and versatile too.

Headband - Marja Lovely
Poncho - Gifted 
Cardigan - Forever 21 
Striped Dress - Forever 21
Boots - Forever Young


  1. AHHH! Your wearing my headband!! I'm just so excited and happy right now! I'm so very glad that you like it and it looks amazing on you!! I love your poncho, I've always wanted one of my own!

  2. Love that headband. What a happy couple you are, always together everyday :)

  3. You look like a little pixie. Adorable!
    I love your layered socks and that headband is so cute!

  4. Your outfit is soooo cute! You could pass for a Dark Forest Girl!


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