Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Missing Pieces

Yesterday I was feeling a bit under the weather..
As in I didn't want to go outside, scrape my car and drive in the cold snow.
So, I called in sick and took a small leap of faith.
I decided to spend the day painting instead. 
Hoping that my time and energy put into art would pay off.

So, here I am showing you a bit of the work I got done yesterday.

"Missing Pieces"
8x10x.5 on stretched canvas.
This painting includes real puzzle pieces that were gifted to me by a sweet friend.
It also includes wax, paper, stucco, gesso and ribbon. I love the texture and the colors in this one! 
I will be listing it soon for $115.00


This one is also 8x10x.5 on stretched canvas.
It includes paper, stucco, gesso, paper, fabric, lace and paint.
I love this one so much, it's hanging on my wall until it finds it's new home.
It's got a few of my favorite elements in it.
Skulls, the third eye, a gypsy vardo painted in the background and the words "believe" hidden in there.
I'll be listing this one tonight as well for $130.00.

I would list them now, but I just had about 15 boys walk into my class room.


  1. great painting. How I wish I could paint :)

  2. Beautiful paintings Rachael, you've got astounding insight/outsight/vision and powerful themes!! Well worth the day off! Thanks for sharing them! :)


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