Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Bit Self Involved

You know those self involved couples that only hang out together?
And when it happens to your friends you get kind of mad and jealous 
that they would be so self involved?
But when it happens to you, you are like, "No, we are really in love. You just don't get it."
But you are self involved for a little while. 

I guess that's where I am.
I haven't blogged since Thursday! 
Here is what I've been up to. 

Playing in the snow. 
Catching snowflakes on our tongues, taking photos and dancing in the snow of course.

Doing Tarot readings late at night by candle light with Sterling. 
Crazy how insightful and accurate they can be.
Driving through dreary stormy weather.
Watching my two boys get along and play.
The view outside my window this morning.
Lots of beautiful but cold snow.
Starting today out with some yoga, meditation, coffee with my love,
 and now to spend the day painting.

I'll try not to spend so much time away from my friends. (You guys.)
But, come on... look at this guy.


  1. Congratulations. I know exactly what you mean, but this is a time for tremendous inspiration for you. So, you go and enjoy it.


    I found your blog only a couple of days ago, and I thought I'd let you know that it's wonderful.


  2. Love it! I hope you paint many wonderful, happy things. ♥

  3. look so much fun. You two are in love, I know that feels, like the world is only ours haha
    Have a nice day


  4. i've been following your blog since 2 years back; see how you went through all bad times and good times, and now i must say that i'm really happy for you :)

    1. i've been around for a while too and i agree with you!!!

  5. Shazni, same words!! Never left a comment here before, but this post just makes me so happy. :)

    1. yeah, this is my first time too dropping comments here. overwhelming isn't it :)


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