Friday, December 21, 2012

A Normal Typical Couple

It's been a very long time since I've been on a "date." 
Like dinner and a movie type date.
 It's been even longer for Sterling, so we decided to try it.
I was barely even awkward! 
Sterling and I have known each other since April, 
and were writing letters and taking on the phone since the fall.
Now that he is in town we are official, and our date last night was our official "first date."

We wanted a date like a normal, regular human couple. 

We started off looking at trailers.
Sterling and I both share the dream of selling all of our stuff and living full time in a trailer.
This is a very important trait that I look for in a person... 
So, we went "shopping." 
We pretended we had 10,000 in our pockets that we were ready to spend.
We asked lots of questions and told the salesman we were sick of society.
We asked about solar panels, and adding wood to the outside.
He raised his eyebrows at us and asked what we would do for income and how we would live.
I think he was secretly jealous. 

 We took tours through a few trailers and actually found that they were quite spacious and comfortable.
It got me really excited. Too excited probably.
I was already thinking about the stuff I'm going to get rid of.

Then Sterling and I went out to eat Thai food.
Since we plan on visiting Thailand one day.
We talked about our dreams of living in a trailer and traveling the country.
How I would decorate the trailer, what kind of truck we would get.
It turns out we share a lot of the same dreams and ideas on this. 
We talked about the typical things couples talk about.
Like making a truck ready for a zombie apocalypse.
Terrorist attacks, and tidal waves.
Using candle light instead of light bulbs. 
72 hour kits and natural disasters.
Paint balling and combat training.
Typical, normal things. 
We then went and saw the movie Red Dawn.
Which got us talking even more about normal typical average things. 
Like war, and survival skills.

And we ended the night like a normal typical couple in love.
We looked at Christmas lights and kissed under the trees.

Then he walked me to the door where I slyly asked him in for hot cocoa.
I was going to show him my all natural herbal first aid kit, 
but I forgot.


  1. Have you ever heard of these? My husband and I are living in a motor home right now, not travelling unfortunately though. But now I want one of these! We also love Thai food :)

    1. I HAVE! I LOVE that website so much!

    2. I only discovered it yesterday, but now I'm completely obsessed! I want the Lusby for the extra little bedroom, because we have a wee one on the way :)

  2. Aww, You two are so cute! I'm glad you guys had a lovely first date! I think it would be cool to just leave your home and sell your things and just move into a trailer and travel the country. How was Red Dawn? I've been skeptical about seeing it. I've always wanted to try Thai food, I need to find me some local Thai restaurants!!!

  3. Happy Holidays, Rachael!
    So very happy for you! :)

  4. you made me miss someone :p

  5. My husband and I still go on dates like this, we make big plans for when all of these teenagers move out of our house. It's my dream to float around the country in a beat up old rv, working a diner in small towns until we save enough to move on to the next place.

  6. Adorable!! It sounds like you've found a keeper!

  7. I think everyone has a bit of a traveling bug in them. Every year my family goes to the RV show in Sandy, and its so fun to see them all and dream! and my parents have this perfect little trailer that only has one table which turns into a bed, and a sink. That's it,. And we LOVE it! My husband and I's dream is to someday live on a sailboat and travel all along the America's and the islands. But I also want to someday travel in a trailer and visit every national park in the US and Canada. It looks like you have found a perfect guy! I'm so happy for you!!!

  8. I'm so glad you've found someone sweet to share some dreaming with. I got your card; it made my day! Thank you and Merry Christmas!


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