Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thursday Threads- The Sunshine Lies

I am NOT this duck. 
Okay, now that that's clear, 
we went to the duck park for photos.

I was in love with the ducks. 
It was freezing outside,
even though it looked nice and sunny...

And now for the real outfit post.

Sweater- Thrifted
Boots- Forever Young 
Leggins forever21
Bracelet- Once Again Sam


  1. your gorgeous!! i love the plain look!! :)

  2. Love it! You pretty pretty girl

  3. Love it from head to toe. I have to check out the bracelet.

  4. Cute duckies! I love them. When we lived in our apartment, I was constantly taking a walk here or there and taking pictures of the duck families that lived in the pond. ♥ Also: you are ADORABLE.

  5. Your pictures are stunning with the light hitting the ducks perfectly! I love taking pictures of ducks but can never get close really looks like you were swimming with them.

  6. hey racheal, emm.. what camera did you used?


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