Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Space and a Few New Paintings

I've got a few updated photos of my studio space.
These ones now include my Tardis..
Which I tend to look at a lot while I watch Dr. Who... 
you know, to make sure it matches well enough.
It does.

I've started doing some mini paintings lately.
Mini as in 5x7, and I'm really liking them.
"Beauty is a light in the Heart"
5x7 mixed media

And in the spirit of St. Patrick's Day, I created a little Celtic inspired painting.
My family always celebrates St. Patrick's Day.
We even give gifts.
This one is also 5x7 mixed media.
Only the original will be available in the shop.


  1. I'm doing some minis 5x7" paintings too, from time to time. It's nice to change :)
    Your space is lovely.

  2. I love love your space!!! (:

    & i sooo wish i had some $!! i'd buy the new heart painting!!! :P <3

  3. this is such a sweet little room. i am not a fan of the doctor, but i have 2 obsessed roommates so i know all about it. and your paintings are lovely :)

  4. That Tardis is amazing! I always end up incorporating the Doctor or HP in my art, haha. They're usually on the mind!

  5. Beautiful painting! Love the TARDIS in the background of the room photos lol.

    xo Amber P.

  6. I'm super jealous of your tardis.... just sayin'. And I love st. Patricks day, the hubs is part Irish and proud of it, so we always do a small little celebration!

  7. Great fun and inspiring studio. Love it.

  8. You are such a gifted artist.

  9. Lovely photos. You are quite prolithic with your art.

  10. How sick is it to have a TARDIS in your house?!? Just hope no Daleks show up!


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