Friday, March 9, 2012

A Post With Meaning

I feel like I've been a bit MIA lately.
Though, I do post every day.. I feel like they haven't been too personal.
I guess I've been busy.
Busy with painting, busy with planning, busy with just life.
It's hard to explain, because I don't feel like I accomplish much.
Haha, now I feel like I'm writing an email.
Speaking of emails, I have a lot to catch up on.

Anyways, this week went by super fast, didn't it?!

I started off with bleaching my hair.

It took three bleaching sessions, and one toning session to get all the red out. My hair felt a bit like straw, so I'm letting it heal a bit before I put any color back in.
I bleached it all out for three reasons.
1. It's starting to get warmer and sunnier, which means the sun will bleach it naturally... so I get to save money on dye!
2. I LOVE change. Especially when it comes to my hair.
3. Being platinum blonde is SO fun.

I do miss my pink hair though! I've been having dreams about wanting to dye it pink!
As soon as I find some time, I will.

 Wicket hanging out while I paint..
 Wicket hanging out while I work online...

 When Wicket is not hanging out with me while I work, he can usually be found watching people out the window. He yells profanities at everyone he sees. Like an old man yelling at the children to stop skateboarding on our sidewalks. I couldn't be more proud to be honest.

Exactly one week from today will mark the year since Mowgli's passing. If you follow me on twitter, you will know what this design is.. other than a cute silhouette of my puppy. :)

Me getting ready to paint, which sadly didn't get to happen yesterday.
I felt pretty darn classy drinking my tea from this skull cup.
And I found this great quote, and got a screen shot from my phone. Money has been a big issue since I stopped working for sales in the hat shop. I'm so happy to not be overly busy with hats so I can make more art. The money is a lot less since art isn't as hot of an item.. but I honestly can't complain.
I'm a girl who is easy to please.
I have food, a house and I get to do what I love.
Money doesn't matter. 

Life is pretty beautiful guys.


  1. Wicket is honestly one of the cutest dog I see on the internet!

  2. Oh my goodness, I LOVE your hair that color! It's so fantastic.

  3. Cute blonde hair. Your Wicket, and my Roxy could have a blast watching out the window together.

  4. How fun is your hair! Have fun being blonde:-) It is said they do have more fun:-) I can relate to you and doing what you love. I have been mentally processing leaving my daytime job so I can focus on my passions, art and writing. I am pleased to say that should be happening next month! I agree with what you wrote about money doesn't matter. $$ will be less for me, but I will be happier doing what I love and having so much more time to do it!

  5. i love the new hair, but myyy personal favorite, is the pink!!<3

  6. Thanks for sharing that quote. This is so true. Happy Friday to you! :)

  7. wow i cant believe it has been a whole year already!

  8. I love that quote! and what a cute pup!

    You can use cocoanut oil to repair you hair :) Works like a charm, just wash it out after letting it sit in your hair overnight.

    AND Yes, this week flew by!


    Ryan @ Thismustbetheplaceryan

  9. Your hair looks so cute blonde! It suits you so well! I used some olive oil stuff that is made for African American hair, it works so well! My hair got to be way healthier.

  10. your hair looks adorbs. i miss my platinum hair so much, but alas, i'm terribly allergic to bleach now and can have it no more. wicket is so cute, i love that he yells at passerby! that quote is AMAZING, i really needed that today. thank you!

  11. Love the post, love your platinum hair, and love that your dog and my dog have one strong quality in common. They scream profanities out the window at everyone :) I would be proud of Wicket too if I were you. We give kids a hard time about everything anymore. And finally, love the quote you have about money. You are right, it is so over rated. It is a great tool for survival and man it feels great when you pay rent and light bill, but it is not what constitutes happiness. So many people hate their lives and their prime evil human beings because they are slaves to the almighty dollar! Do what you love, I too am a girl who is easy to please. I have to work, but I make sure to find the time to do what I most love and that is create and write. I once saw a quote that said "We could live without art but what dull boring life it would be" :)

  12. Love your new hair colour...does it ever suit you! And I love the money quote. It's exactly what I need right now.

  13. I love the new hair! I've been growing out a pixie cut this last year, and it hasn't been going super great. I have thick naturally wavy hair which will not behave when I want it to. Instead of fighting it, I got synthetic dreads. I love my hair now, and as a +5 bonus I look like a sea nymph! Who doesn't love that? I'm glad you're getting to do what you want to. That's so important.

  14. pink, blonde, it all looks adorable. I would love to have my hair as short as yours but alas, my curls will not have it.


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