Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday Threads- Making Good Luck

Every time I wear this shirt I seem to have bad luck, like really bad, where I get hurt.
I've only worn it twice.
The first time, I was at a restaurant, accidentally bumped my elbow, which caused me to black out, which resulted in a pretty bad concussion.
The second time I wore this shirt, I bumped my knee really hard on my easel, and started to black out again.. I managed to lay myself down where Brad found me, and thought I was dead.
I don't know why I go unconscious when I hit my elbow or knee... I assume it's the shirt..
But, I was brave, and put it back on..

I'm proud to say I made it through the day with no accidents.
And now I will turn it into a lucky shirt. 

The shirt is actually from the thrift store. It's a boy shirt, but I cut it, and made it ruffle a bit. I also added the crocheted tank sleeves.

Shirt- Thrift Store, upcycled.
Pants- Bullhead
Cardigan- Thrifted
Bracelet- OnceAgainSam
Boots- Forever Young
Necklace- Talk2thetrees


  1. i want that shirt!
    i love it! good or bad luck!

    .. and i'm glad you didn't black out/die.


    1. Haha I'm glad I didn't either! I actually WAS nervous nearly all day. I guess I'm superstitious.

  2. you need to be more careful, lol!! :P joking... but i love that shirt!!!

  3. it's the cute boy lucky hurt-shirt!
    i love the crochet neckline <3

  4. this is my favorite outfit post so far! i loooooove your cardigan.... and i MUST HAVE those boots ;)

    also... you should add upcycled shirts to your shop! or maybe just make one for me? i'd totally buy one... such a cute idea!

    xx, kara

  5. Cute shirt! Let's hope the bad luck is all gone out of that shirt.

    I love you hair. It just makes me smile and think lovely spring thoughts. :P

  6. Maybe you just had to fill the shirt up with your good vibes. I'm glad you've had a safe day wearing it.

  7. Glad you managed to wear it without getting hurt. It would be such a waste to have it lie in the closet all year! It looks awesome:)

  8. Woah... thats kinda crazy about blacking out when you hit something with your knee or elbow... Have you gotten it checked out? Not gonna lie, that would FREAK ME OUT! hahah

  9. The shirt is cute, I'm glad you took the risk of wearing it and luckily everything went better than expected :)

  10. Although I don't like that you've blacked out & hurt yourself, I find this story hilarious. Maybe it's the way you blamed the shirt. Which I love by the way. It turned out so cute!!

  11. Thats good because its a very nice shirt!

  12. Weirdest thing of my life.
    I was blog hopping, you know? Anyways, I found your blog, so I decided to start reading it, and I totally know Brad!!! The Glass Gentlemen!!
    Anyways, me and my friend Jordan went to their show at Kilby and at Muse as well. Coooool.
    Anways, I am your newest follower.

    1. Ah! How fun!! He is sitting here with me and was very excited to read this!! I'm so glad you found me, and I'm glad I got to check out your darling blog! So fun!! I love new friends. :)

  13. Absolutely love the shirt (and glad you didn't get hurt again while wearing it)

    You should do a tutorial on how you made it :) I'm sure I'm not the only one who's curious! Lovely.

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  15. ummm, i love the shirt and i would probably venture to wear it again too bc its so awesome! you should totally make these and sell bc i want one real bad!!!

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  17. I remember the picture you posted of yourself wearing this shirt when you got hurt. That was a long time ago! I've been following you longer than I realized lol.

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