Tuesday, July 20, 2010

In Which I Ride A Train Through A Kaleidoscope Tunnel

I haven't had the greatest of weeks. This post is not meant to be a pity party, since I now find it (mostly) funny.  This might be a long read.. but the pictures at the end are worth it.

It all started with Life Savers.

Did you know that if you crunch the wintergreen flavored Life Savers in your mouth really hard and fast it creates sparks? It's true! It can also create broken teeth. I found this out as I demonstrated how to create sparks last Friday.
I broke a molar. The molar was for the most part dead and in need of dental assistance 2 years ago..  but I put it off. The tooth was already brittle. Luckily it didn't hurt much. It was just rather shocking.

I made a dentist appointment for today to have it fixed.

Yesterday I received a call from my Grandpa, he  was going to be in town for a visit. I hadn't seen him in years! I was excited. He took Taylor and I out to dinner. As we were deciding on which pasta platter to get I somehow bumped my elbow on the corner of the booth.

It was painful, but I bump into things a lot... suddenly my vision started to go, and things were turning dark. I told Taylor, "I think I'm gonna black out" And I put my head on his shoulder.

Next thing I knew I was on a train or rather.. I was the train. In a black tunnel, there were colors all around me. They were glowing, like a glow in the dark kaleidoscope. I was going really fast, I heard tons of voices all around me. Suddenly the kaleidoscope started to fall to pieces and I was looking up at Taylor, and a big bunch of people. (Taylor says there was only one other person, but I swear there were at least ten)  I woke up to severe pain in my head, I've never felt such a pain.

Taylor said that as I blacked out onto his shoulder I started to slide off the table and I hit the back of my head very very hard against the wall. It was hard enough to get other people's attention in the restaurant.

After a few minutes I stopped asking where I was and what happened, (I didn't even remember I hit my elbow.) I drank water and ate pasta.. but I don't fully remember much else.

I slept for the rest of the day I think. Like I said.. I don't remember much. Taylor came home late and told me some bad news.

He would have to go out of town for a few days. I started to cry. I hate being alone, and I haven't had to spend the night alone.. in almost forever! I cried because my head hurt, I cried because my brain wasn't feeling normal, and I was feeling oh so nauseous.

Taylor asked me what he could do for me to make things better. I told him I wanted a cheeseburger, and fries. But not from Mcdonalds a good cheeseburger. So Taylor searched for a hamburger joint that was open after midnight.

He managed to get a few pictures of me in my loopy state.
He laughed a little at the things I said and the way I acted.
I'm glad he took some pictures.. I was out of it.
I'm laughing as I post these. Poor Rachael.

So Taylor took me to get a hamburger at 12 am. I normally have a problem eating meat. (I used to be vegetarian.) But last night all I wanted was a burger and fries. The burger was huge and I surprised everyone including myself when I ate the whole thing.
(Sorry for the poor picture quality, they were taken with my phone)

I don't remember much from yesterday, but I do know that burger was the best I've ever had.

I went home and I slept and slept and woke up to Taylor saying goodbye for a few days. I feel much better today, my brain no longer feels broken. I lay in bed thinking.. "I don't have to get up, I don't have to shower or wear cute clothes. I don't even have to do my hair, no one is going to even see me." I thought about it for a whole second. Then I got up and took a shower and did my hair and put on a cute dress. 
Because I won't be alone.. 
I still have to live with myself.


  1. hope you feel better! I thought this might be something you would be interested in doing. I'm doing the canvas project, and I will probably sign up for this one too once I have more money. http://www.arthousecoop.com/sketchbookproject/

  2. Awww...poor thing! That's pretty crazy! I'm glad you're okay. :-)

  3. Wow, what caused you to black out like that? It's not normal, have you fainted before or passed out? How bizarre... this is a new one on me! Glad you're okay now though! How scary!

  4. the first picture of you lying down... your eyes kind of look like zombie eyes :| I'm glad you are ok! also, did grandpa spend the night at your place or did he decide to drive back home??

  5. I'm glad you're okay.
    I really loved this post. I love most of your posts though. There's something about the way you write them.

    Do you always hate being alone?

  6. Aww you are too funny!
    Cute outfit though!! ;) Love the top!
    & I remember that Lifesavers-creating-sparks thing, we did it in girl scout camp once!! :)

  7. thanks for that very, very last part. needed to be reminded of that - especially as a mom.

  8. I hope your visit to the dentist isn't too painful!

    I know what you mean about the train-tunnel vision. I was at an archery club once and fainted from heat exhaustion and saw/felt something very similar. I didn't hear voices so much as a roaring noise, though. I almost shot my friend, too! Really scary.

    Always remember that you are the first person that has to live with you, and that you are worth it. It's only a few days, and then he'll be back, and you will appreciate each other more.

    You have Mowgli, and happy kittens to cuddle, to cheer you up, too, remember.

    I hope they find good homes to go to!

  9. Sorry about your head! And i'm sorry about Taylor having to go out of town for a few days. Hopefully everything will get better soon.

  10. damn kid that is not the best of days fosho! I hate it when my husband has to go out of town...never fun but I do use it as an excuse to eat things that only I like! Marie Callender berry cobbler and hagen daaz ice cream for dinner!!! feel better and watch those elbows!

  11. I hate going to the dentist! ._. i have an impacted tooth which hurts a lot and needs operation.. i take dolfenal instead lol! im glad to hear that you are okay though and the photos of you look really cute :3

  12. wow! That sounds awful. If you feel any more symptoms you really need to get your head checked out. That's nothing to mess around with.

    When my hubby goes out of town I get ice cream, rent lots of girly movies he hates and stay up late till I can't stay up anymore. Another option is to have a girlfriend come over to stay with you.

  13. Oh no! If it makes you feel better, I think the outfit you chose was adorable :D

    I had a concussion once. It's definitely one of the strangest things to go through. And I Know how you feel with the broken tooth thing too. Been there as well. Glad it wasn't too painful!

  14. Passing out and cravings... sounds like pregnancy...
    Hope you feel better!!! :)

  15. wow crazy adventure! i had one myself a couple weekends ago. my favorite hair dye turned on me and i ended up in the ER with an allergic reaction that reminds me of violet in charlie and the chocolate factory blowing up. so scary!!!
    i'm glad you're feeling better. i always want a huge burger after i've been sick or after i get tattooed.

  16. p.s. i never knew that about lifesavers sparking.
    p.p.s. you're right, you're only alone if you choose to be.

  17. i was going to mention what someone else mentioned above- could you be prego?

    my little sister has been a vegetarian since she was 8 and when she was pregnant she craved and ate meat.

    either way- monitor yourself closely! kind of scary :/



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