Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Trip To The Forest

I took a trip to the forest today. It was probably my last chance to see it while I'm here in Little Rock. We're moving in one week exactly. Today wasn't the best day since it was very very hot. There was a severe weather alert due to the hot weather. It said to stay out of the sun under all circumstances.
I'm the one with the bare feet. It's my favorite way to explore the forest...
Luckily I didn't meet any copperheads this time.
Thoughts of swimming crossed our minds.. but one look at the water changed them very quickly. I have a fear of water monsters.. and I just knew monsters were lurking in that water.. even if those monsters were leeches.
My new favorite homemade dress
I'm so glad that I have been able to live near so many beautiful trees. I love that the first thing I see when I wake up is the small grove of trees outside my window. I love how tall the trees are, and how they grow everywhere. I don't know where I will be in 2 months. I could be anywhere.. but I hope that it has enough trees for me.
My homemade tree plugs

You know that feeling you get when you are driving on a real pretty road surrounded by trees and wild flowers, and the music is beautiful and perfect for that moment. Birds fly in front of the car, like they chose that moment above all the rest. And even though you are the only car on the entire road.. you don't feel alone. You feel connected to the birds, and the trees and the whole entire earth.
And then... everything seems to glow.

That's my favorite feeling in the whole world.


  1. that is the best feeling.

    i love your dress.

    and i wish i had homemade tree plugs.

  2. I know that feeling very well, I love that feeling :) :)
    Beautiful photos.
    xx, Jamie

  3. love the dress! Also, you are not alone in your fear of water monsters :)

  4. (this is megan hollenback in case you're wondering) first of all, you are really talented i love the stuff you make. seriously you are so talented. second, i wanted you to read my post about meditation and depression. i think you would really like it i know i do. just was thinking about you, hope your move goes smoothly!

  5. Yes, mums are the best! I hope you get to have a tea party soon! =)

  6. I would love a tutorial for that super cute dress! And your lovely plugs! (:


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