Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thursday Threads- I Will Wish For An Early Spring

I'm not the type who only wears an outfit once.
But there are certain things in my closet that I've only worn a couple of times.
I put great meaning on clothes. 
I don't know why.
I remember exactly what I wore when I met brad. 
And this is exactly what I wore the day I found out Mowgli was so sick.
It was one of the worst days of my life. 
Brad took me out to lunch and I felt so numb.
We accidentally dropped a dirty fork on this dress and it left a big stain.
I cried.
Brad felt bad.
But I wasn't crying for the dress.. it was just a really bad day.
(I can't even look at the pretty pink dress I wore when Mowgli passed away. 
Too many tears were shed while wearing that one.)

So, I decided to turn this dress around. 
It didn't have to be associated with such pain.
So, I got the stain out, and put the dress back on.
Bow Dress- I truly don't remember!
I believe I got the dress from Modcloth
Tights- Forever 21
Red Heels- Thrift Store
White Cardigan- Charlotte Russe
North Carolina Necklace- Alterdesigns 


  1. I do the same thing with outfits! I remember exactly what I wore when my husband and I hung out for the first time, I remember what I was wearing when he proposed, and sadly I remember exactly what I was wearing when I went to my Pop Pop's funeral...I still haven't put that one back on, but I can't get rid of it either.

  2. Yes! I can't get rid of that dress either.. no matter how old I will be, I will probably still hang onto it. :)

  3. Bravo to creating new memories with this dress. The combination of the texture in the tights and the pattern in the dress is great! And I love the color choice of the shoes!

  4. I have the same dress in purple with yellow accents! It's from Forever 21. It looks just wonderful on you, I'm glad you've decided to put it on again. :)

  5. I love your use of saturated colours! Nothing washed out about your outfits!

  6. Too cute! I love that color combo!


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