Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Autumn In The Deep Red

So, the massive amounts of water that poured into my house ruined a lot of paintings.
A lot of original artwork that won't be replaced.
Just days before I had worked on these new paintings.
And luckily, they did not get wet.
So I thought I would share them with you.

This one above is created using lots of texture, and even some golf leaf.
It's one of my favorites.
There are technically 4 new paintings, however the last one is a set of three.
But each piece can be purchased and hung individually. 
The original painting however, will be sold as a set. 
I will hopefully have these listed tonight.

I'm thankful these trees didn't get ruined in the flood!


  1. I'm so glad they didn't get ruined! They are beautiful!

  2. Pretty paintings!

  3. Amazing! I love the reds and oranges and blackened silhouettes! Portentious of a phoenix-like re-birth? Incredible.


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