Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thursday Threads- Splash of Mustard

I have started a Look Book.
I was hesitant at first..
well everyone on there seems to wear such expensive clothes! 
I do most of my shopping online, in the sale bins, at thrift stores, or handmade.

But then I figured.. why not?
Why can't I brag about my cheap-but-still-cute clothes, 
my thrift store finds, and my favorite etsy shops?

So here it goes. So far I will just do outfit posts on Thursdays. 
Paint and glue is almost ALWAYS visible on my hands...
(And clothes, and shoes, and doggies)

Mustard Yellow Slouch Hat- 
Self Made, but available at- Talk2thetrees
Floral Top-
Blue Jeans-
Moccasins- Vintage Find
Lily Necklace- JeTadoreDesigns
Messenger Bag- Target

I've never done outfit posts before.. 
I'll try to get the hang of it.
.. so, how did I do?

Any advice or tips?


  1. I think you did a great job!!! I love the colors you're wearing. It reminds me so much of fall (which I cannot wait for). And I just LOOOVE your hat, such an awesome color :)

  2. Love it! Who says you have to wear expensive to look good and I love the mustard slouch hat. Good luck with the look book I think it's a great idea with the way you're doing it.

    -Amber P.

  3. Thanks Rachel and Amber! I'm so glad you guys think i did it right.. not that there is really a WRONG way.. but thanks!!

  4. Great idea! I've always admired your style, Rachael, and this outfit is very cute!
    xoxo, Roxy

  5. I adore your outfit!!! I love your hat and your darling top!! Your bag + boots are just smashing!! I love the whole look Rachel!! xoxo

  6. I love your plugs - or are they earrings?

  7. They are plugs! My ears are gauged to a half inch. :)

  8. Love it! The colors, the textures, all of it. You look like autumn, what's not to like? :)

  9. Can I just tell you I LOVE your style. It's so adorable... I want it haha. Love the shoes and that necklace. I love Fall :)


    PS: How do you make your blog so customized/personal ?? I want to do something like that for my writing blog - but I have to work with the layouts I'm given. Just love yours.

  10. Thanks so much Jess! I use Minima Stretch, that's the easiest template to modify. :)

  11. Standing ovation!
    Love the look!
    Lady you got style and class.

  12. I love the photos and its autumn feel. One advice though, the photos you posted on lookbook wasn't the best way to see your overall look. Your shoes were not shown properly. Best way to post pics on lookbook is to have a full body shot of what your wearing (like 1st photo here) then closer look or half body shot...

    but then again, what do I know... I don't use lookbook LOL!

  13. You did great, and I love your outfit! The only this is, I think you forgot to mention where you got that bag. I like it!

  14. Thanks so much MyMindisAlice! You are so sweet!

    Abygail, thanks sooo much for the advice! Next time I'll try to post better photos on lookbook.. I'm no good at new websites at first. :)

    Thanks Claire! I totally forgot about the bag! I got it at target. I'll edit the post right now!

  15. Oh! I love it!! And now I have something to look forward to on Thursdays!! Your hats ROCK!!


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