Thursday, August 25, 2011


Two new fall inspired hats!
I love fall! 
Normally, falls don't last long in Utah. 
Maybe 2 weeks. 
It likes to snow real early. 
So.. I'm celebrating early. 

My fall starts now.
I love acorns.. I used to collect them..
I miss seeing acorns everywhere.
This hat is crocheted using a few stitches to make it looks like a big fat pumpkin!
It also includes a little stem, some vines and a leaf.

Hooray for fall!


  1. Lovely designs. Learning to knit and crochet is one of the things on my 'to do' list.

  2. Holy moly!!! I too am obsessed with fall.... and these hats just got me SUPER excited!!! I'm so obsessed w Halloween that I'm getting a Halloween-themed sleeve next month! Whoop whoop! Hooray fall :)

    Xx, kara

  3. LOVE! Both designs are GREAT! I crochet a bit..not as well as you :) and i will be learning to knit this weekend! Fall is prob my fav season w/halloween being my fav holiday..i even incorporated (Hallowe)een into my oldest daughters name...

  4. I love autumn. The chill in the air and the leaves changing makes me feel alive..Can't wait to order a hat as soon as it gets a bit cooler here. Love the acorn!!!

  5. Kara! I remember we've had conversations about our love for fall and Halloween. :) I can't wait to see your sleeve!
    FeatherAhead- Knitting is so much fun! Good luck learning.. it isn't too hard. ;) And I LOVE the name :)

    Littleiowafieldmouse- Yes! I LOVE that makes me feel alive too. Plus, I love to dress for fall. :)

  6. I love acorns too!! Actually made an acorn necklace when I was younger :) Love the hats, I want one.

    Ps: I'm Jess (we spoke on twitter - the one from Utah...ha sadly..)


  7. Thanks Jess! I remember you from twitter. :)

  8. Oh!!! I'm in love with the acorn hat.

  9. Thanks c.norm.! That hat was inspired by a painting I did once. :)


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